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amb5879 - October 12

I was just wondering when everyone started solids with their lo. I have read so much about waiting until they're six months old but then most people I have talked to said that they started solids at four months. I just wanted to know what some of you have done. Our ds is 15 weeks and I don't know if I should start next month or hold out. Thanks in advance.


DDT - October 12

I started at 4.5 months. My ds weighed in at 16lbs at 4 months and the nurse suggested I start cereal because of his size. He had doubled his birth weight and more. I did cereal 1x a day (breakfast) for 3 wks. He would take 1-2 tbsp. It took him about 3wks to get the hang of the spoon and swallowing. He drank 5 bottles a day and about 32oz total. Now at almost 8 months old he has meals 3x a day and drinks on average 24oz a day.


Sonrisa - October 12

I started at a week before five months. I did once a day the firs fewst weeks, twice a day after three weeks, and at six months we started three times a day. My ds did not sleep through the night until I started solids twice a day. It made such a difference. I also started formula at 5mths at night so that might have also been a reason for him being able to sleep through the night. My son was only on b___st milk until 5mths and he was 19lbs. He was in need of more food. One doctor in the practice said to wait til 6mths but I then called his regular doctor and he told me to start him on solids at 4 1/2 mths. He is 6mths 3wks now and eating three times a day solids and drinking about 28 oz of milk a day. He takes 5 bottles of milk a day.


kristine - October 12

I started my son on solids between 4 and 4.5 months. He was very ready for the hang of it right away! He is now 5.5 months and he is eating two meals a day of cereal and fruit or vegetable (this is what my pediatrician recommended). I think after his 6 months check up he will be on three meals a day. He is b___stfed.


amb5879 - October 12

My ds is a b___st milk baby now. Everyone that I have talked to said that when they started solids that their lo slept through the night but then everything I have read has said that this isn't true and the only reason why they are sleeping through the night is because they are getting older and need more sleep. Sometimes you wonder what to believe and what not to when reading...


excited2bemama - October 12

I am in the same boat. My lo is 4.5 months and my ped wants me to start. My lo seems interested- she just started to grab our plates and is really watching us eat. I always said I was going to wait till she was interested. I think I am going to wait till 6 months though b/c she has a bad belly and still spits up ALOT after every feeding- ( she is b___st-fed) also LLL recommends waiting till 6 months to start. Some babies don't have the proper digestive enzymes till 6 months. Every doc will tell your differently so basically its up to you. some things to watch for are doubling of brith weight, absence of the tongue thrust reflex, baby showing in interest in food, and ability to sit up with a__sist, GL


wailing - October 12

My pedi told us we were going to start at 5 months. I b'feed exclusively and she said since ds's weight is good and all is well w/ the feeding we can wait. I'm so excited to will be sooo fun:-)



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