Solids How Often

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LisaB - April 29

how often should they be eating solids at 5.5 months


Sarahsmommy - April 29

I think it all depends on how long your LO has been eatting solids.


Nerdy Girl - April 29

I offer to my 5 month old 3x per day. Sometimes he chows down, and sometimes he refuses. He was a slow starter with the solids (lots of tongue thrust). I offer it, but don't force him.


Erin1979 - April 29

At 5 1/2 months my daughter was eating cereal in the am and pm and veggies at lunch. (about 1/2 a jar). Good luck!


Kt - April 30

My dd is almost 6months and i give her cereal and a veggie or fruit only once a day. I still want her to be taking her bottles, which she only eats 5oz at a time, so i don't want her to eat more cereal or anyting until her amt of formula increases. She is on the small side so i worry that she isn't drinking enough. I think it all depends on the child. My dr. told me that i could give her solids twice a day..


Ca__sieSong - May 1

I think it depends on how long your LO has been eating solids and how much they seem to want. We started solids with my dd at 4 months (over 3 weeks ago). She was quick to accept solids and seems to actually prefer solids over her bottle. I was a bit surprised by that. Anyway, I give her 2 tablespoons of cereal mixed with formula and half jar of fruit in the morning. Then she'll drink 3 oz bottle. In the evening she eats a jar of veggies and 3-4 oz bottle. All other meals are bottles. (She has 3 other meals and she'll usually drink about 7-8 oz.) Kinda seems like a lot to me, but her ped said to give her as much as she wants... and she seems to want a lot! :-) She is not a chubby baby either, but is very long.


Jamie - May 3

I started giving solids when my daughter was 4.5 months old (that's when she started showing interest). I offered solids three times a day, at the times I wanted established as meal times - 7:30 a.m., 12:30, and 5:30. At first, I'd open a jar for breakfast, and since she didn't eat the full jar, I offered her the same jar again for lunch and dinner. Gradually she stepped it up to wanting 2 jars of food a day, then a jar at each meal. Now (9 months old) she's off jarred food entirely, and just eats the same as me and DH. I've also introduced a morning and afternoon snack. She is nursing less, but she gets 3 balanced meals a day, plus 2 healthy snacks, so I think she's making the transition into toddlerhood quite nicely. Her growth has been perfect on the 50th percentile her whole life, so I must be doing something right. I think the key is to pay attention to your adults, all babies have different appet_tes.



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