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dee23 - January 30

for those who dont know, weetbix is just wheat blocks and is breakfast cereal. seeing as it is just wheat, is it ok to crush it up and mix with formula to give 6 1/2 month old ds? also, seeing as he already eats rice cereal, is it ok to give him home cook mashed rice? it might seem silly but just safety precaution wise. also, is it ok to freeze potatoe? and can i give ds chopped up watermelon as finger food? also, can i give him rock melon? also, does anyone know a different baby food website to wholesomebabyfoods? that does not give enough information, cheers.


dee23 - January 30



Rabbits07 - January 30

Here is a site that I use: ht tp://w (no dashes or spaces)


ChristinaBonBon - January 31

Hi there dee23, yeah I have a book that says Weetabix is a very good breakfast for 6 months plus age, so try it :) My girl is nearly 6 months so I might try Weetabix soon too. Not sure about your other questions but regarding freezing potato, yes I steam new potatos and mash them (dont puree potato) and then freeze in ice-cube trays same as I do for veg and fruit etc. Then take out that morning into fridge, when time to eat just heat slightly (15 secs) in microwave and add formula to make soft and creamy. I love this book so maybe you'll find it good too.....Annabel Karmel's Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. Hope that helps.


3babies - January 31

Hi Dee. I think I didnt give my monsters weetbix until they were around 8 - 10 or so months, just because it is more common for them to have an allergy to wheat, than rice cereals etc. Also the weetbix can take a bit of getting used to for their gut (wind etc from the fibre). Have you tried the flavoured farex or mixing it with stewed pear or apple? I boil potato, carrot and spinach or peas and freeze that, same as pumpkin etc. No probs with that at all. Cant think of the lady that wrote babylove, ?Robin Barker??? but my girlfriend lent me a copy of a babyfood book that she did that gave some good ideas. Also have you tried googling something like introducing solids recipes australian? MIght have some luck there. Home cooked mashed rice is fine, as is the melon. Abbey enjoys sucking/chewing on a milk arrowroot biscuit now ... I just give her half at a time. She has also tried some crusty italian bread and didnt have any trouble with that. Her b/day is 18/7.



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