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Bonnie - May 9

For those that haven babies that eat well (i.e. 32 ounces or so of formula and 3 solids a day) what sort of schedules do you feed them on? Mason has started eating cereal 3 times per day npw along with his 32 ounces of formula, but I can't seem to work it out so that he is not eating about every hour! lol (He sleeps 12 hours at night so no night feed).


JAI - May 10

Hi Bonnie, not sure if I am doing this rigt but I too have recently started my son Jordan on somewhat of a schedule, I try to give him his morning bottle 8oz then fruit around 1 hour later, then I feed him veggies about 3.5 hours later then I give him his next 8oz bottle pretty much following the veggies, then about 4 hours later I give him another 8oz bottle then before bed I feed him cereal then his last 8oz bottle. Seems to be working, the doctor told be this was good. I asked if I am over feeding him and he told me no I not, and if he did not want it he would not take it. He seems to love trying all the new fruits, veggies and still loves the cereal and also his formula.


Jamie - May 10

Serenity gets her breakfast of solids at 7:30 every morning. I give her a snack at 10:30. She gets lunch at 12:30, another snack at 3:30, dinner at 5:30, and nurses to sleep at 7:30. Until about 2 weeks ago, I nursed her to sleep at every nap, but she has begun to lose interest in nursing, so instead I give her expressed milk in a cup with her meals and her snacks, and let her nurse when she shows interest.


YC - May 10

I dont have an answer for fact I have the same question. My dd is 20 weeks so we will be starting solids soon. I was just amazed that little Mason sleeps 12 hours a night. GO MASON!!! That's great. You must feel like a new woman!!! We are up to 9 hours a night most nights. It is wonderful. I feel human again the next day. How is his reflux? Kai is off of the zantac and seems to be doing well. She still spits up a lot but it doesnt seem to burn or bother her anymore.


Bonnie - May 10

His reflux is well under control now with the Prevacid and he is off all other meds. :) He is also off that friggin $1,000 per month formula and back on regular Enfamil. Turns out he never had allergies after all, my ped just didn't know any better. He's a monster though. He is 15 weeks now, over 16 pounds, and wearing 9 month old clothes. He's extremely tall as well. Mason used to have silent reflux, but now he has started spitting up more as for some reason sitting up makes him puke and that's all he wants to do. But he's happy, so he can barf all he wants as far as I'm concerned. :) The GI had us do a CIO method per her instructions. Mainly because he eats so much and is so big. I wasn't keen on it, but DH wanted to try it and within 3 days it worked. He's been sleeping 10-12 hours everynight now with no tears and I usually have to wake him up. :D I'm LOVING it considering he used to sleep less than 7 hours in a 24 hour period when he was in pain. Thank God for his GI, she is fabulous! How old is Kai now?....if you get bored I made a video of Mason's first 3 months. :D (I can't help but show him off, lol).... (the only dashes are between 3-months-25)


SonyaM - May 10

Hey Bonnie, my Mason's schedule goes like this. Wakes about 7:45 and has a big bowl of cereal with a fruit mixed in about 8:15. Usually has a 30 minute nap about 9:00 Has a bottle about 9:30or 10:30. Naps from about 11:00-2:00. Then he has another bottle at either 1:45 or 3:00. Then usually another nap about 4;30 or 5:00 and then has veggies with half a jar of fruit. Than another bottle around 6:00 and another about 8:00 for bedtime. He usually wakes at least one for a bottle sometimes twice. UUGGHHH!!! Alot of his schedule was created because I take my older son to preschool every day at 8:45 and have to leave again at 2:00 to pick him up. So poor Mason has learned to work around that scheudle. He used to sleep about 12 hours straight several months ago but that ended. I wish he wold do that again. It was SO great.


Bonnie - May 10

Thanks. Actually I have one more question. Since Mason (my Mason, lol) is now starting solids we have been through most of the cereals and are getting ready to start veggies and fruits next. I know to test for allergies you only introduce one new food at a time. So my question is....when I start carrots later this week. Do I give him nothing but carrots? Or is it okay to give him cereal and carrots since I know he is okay on the cereal part? Dumb question, but I want to make sure I do this right since Mason is so young for solids.


psychology - May 10

At how old do you guys started solids??? Muy daugher is 13-14 pounds and 13 weeks...she still doesn't do her nights...and i am exhausted...she wakes up between 2-3 in the night and again at 6am....... I wonder if I should start with tthe cereal??


SonyaM - May 10

Bonnie, yes you can do cereal with carrots. I did cereal in the morning and then a veggie at dinner time. Then once I went through all the veggies (at least four days per veggie) I started mixing the fruit with the cereal in the morning and then giving the veggie in the evening with the remaining fruit from breakfast for "dessert". I hope this helps. Good Luck, it' so much fun. Have the camcorder ready to go for the first bite of carrots. My Mason did a full body shiver the first few times he ate them. It was hilarious!!!


Rabbits07 - May 10

okay...I named my son Mason because I didn't think it was very common, but obviously I was wrong.LOL. Or is it just that great minds think alike???;-)


SonyaM - May 10

That's funny. I hadn't really heard of it alot until recently, but now I hear it all the time. I still LOVE it though. And he fits the name perfectly. My older son is Mitchell and he fits it too. As you can see we do "M" names. All of my husbands siblings are M names so we went with it too. I don't know what name I would use if we ever have another boy.


LisaB - May 10

I always introduce a new solid in the am that way if it makes them ga__sy or they do have an allergy you aren't finding out in the middle of the night and it won't keep them up all night. 12 hours straight you are so lucky my 6 month old is still nursing twice a night I wish I knew how much he was getting during the day so I would know if the night feedings are habit or needed. He won't take a bottle so thats not an option.


Bonnie - May 10

(okay...I named my son Mason because I didn't think it was very common, but obviously I was wrong.)......Me too! I was all happy we found a unique cute name and BOOM...Mason's everywhere, rofl. Great minds MUST think a like. And thanks for all the tips guys! Nice to know I don't have to engorge the kids with nothing but carrots for a week, lol. Sonya, was the carrot reaction different from the cereal? I made a video of that, lol. His face was funny. Here is the link if you are bored..... (keep the dashes between Masons-First-Cereal and lose any others if they show up)


Bonnie - May 10

psychology, Mason started cereal early because he is a very big boy. 16+pounds. He was eating 32 ounces of formula a day and still starving. has a great section on how to tell when they are ready for cereal. As far as sleeping through the night without a feed....Mason's doc said it really goes mroe by weight than age. They should generally be at least 12 pounds with no other health issues and eating 30-32 ounces of formula per day. Breastfed babies eat more often so I am unsure of the criteria on that. I have found that feeding cereal really makes not a lot of difference on them sleeping through (though it may help a teensy bit). I fins that babies need to learn to sleep through. What I would recomend is that you and your partner read through some different books on different techniques and decide on what you would like to do. Some like the CIO method, some like co-sleeping and a whole bunch of different stuff exists in the middle. Based on my docs recomendation and my DH's wanting to...we did the CIO method. I was a little leary of it, but it worked great for us. If you want to know how my doc instructed us to do it, e-mail me at [email protected] While that technique can work well, it is not for everyone and not for every baby. You'll have to decide what is best for you. :) Goodluck!


TinaMarie - May 11

Hi! My daughter eats close to 32 oz of formula a day (between 29-33) She has finally mastered solids, and no only spits them at me for! As far as a schedule we are early raisers so we start our day about 6am she has a 6 oz bootle then. She normally eats oatmeal about 8am. Around 9 she take a has a 4 oz bottle. A whole jar of 1st fruits at lunch and somewhere shortly after a 6 oz bottle. She takes a 4 oz bottle before afternoon nap. Then around 4pm a jar of veggies. She will take another bottle about 6pm (6oz) and is in bed by 7pm. Gets up at 1am for a 6oz bottle, then sleeps through the night. That is basically her schedule, obviously it varies.


pbj - May 11

Ok, after reading some of this I think maybe I'm doing it all wrong. Mattea will be 6 mths in a few days and wakes up at 7 am and has a bottle between 6-7 oz. At 8:30 she has 1/2 tbsp fruit and 1 tbsp cereal, she only has bottle at lunch, same for snack and at dinner has about 2 tbsp veggie and 1 tbsp fruit. I think I'm doing this all wrong, do I need to take away a bottle and add lunch? Please offer some suggestions.


Kim L - May 11

Bonnie your Mason videos are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! What a wonderful idea. Watching them makes me want my little one here so bad - still 21 weeks to go unfortunatley!



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