Some People Just Don T Get It

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Some people just don't get it, you know what I am talking about if you read Smilefull' s thread (Friendly Thread). She was so sweet to get this thread started and some people just want to sh&% all over it. Why? Why don't some people get it?



Ignoring the nasty comments is for the best I suppose but its HARD!


Smilefull - March 6

*sigh* I'm just about to explode.


Smilefull - March 6

i think people are bored--they want attention so it's not that they really want to offend people--they just haven't been talked about acknowleged for awhile so they want to stir up contraversy/trouble. Ha, finally that 4 years of psyc degree has paid off! Emberbaby, maybe we can just huddle here together and hope the storm b__ws over?


rl- - March 6

hey girls it gets really boring when there is not drama...... we are all like a house full of sisters we get along sometimes and other times we don't but we all keep coming back lol just don't take these things so seriously really cause that is just the way it is I have been coming here for awhile now and it does not change most are nice though ( :


Mellissa - March 6

i agree... some of us have defended certain people, but it seems like they don't want defending.. they want the negative attention..and it's sad to start things and get everyone going against each other.


Brittany - March 6

I'm just sick of the drama threads that keep getting posts and come up to the top. Then the moms who are asking real infant care questions aren't getting answers because everyone keeps posting and bringing the drama threads up. sighh


Smilefull - March 6

agree w/ Britt. it's hard not to though--shall we all try?


aurorabunny - March 6

I just want to add that rl is right in one aspect---a little drama and friendly disagreements do make things interesting, but lately things have just been WAY overboard. It's bad enough when people come out and just plain say nasty things (which I actually don't think happens that often), it seems as though people are just making comments and without fail someone will take it wrong. I think before we make a quick hasty reply to something we should stop and think it over and think if that person was really trying to offend anyone or not, and even if they were, is it really worth your time and energy to respond? Arrghh..okay I digress. I am just with those that are sick of the fighting. Real questions that people need help with are getting ignored and pushed to the bottom because of all this nonsense.


ash2 - March 6

well the reason that things got out of hand is because someone is trying to post an imposer name under pink.....and people got offended by some things that she said . Well now that i know, im done !


cae - March 6

Wow, I have not been on for over a week, and it sounds like there has been a lot of drama! Last 4 threads I just read, were started because of the past threads that were filled with drama. Whats going on?? Can we all put our big girl panties on?


pinkb0otlace - March 6

WTF is going on??


Smilefull - March 6

ahrhh..bugger off.


ash2 - March 6

LISTEN !! pinkbo0tlace and Pinkbo0tlace are the same ones !!! She is bored and decided to stir things up...she is the same person....notice the so called real one showed up when the fake one got caught !


Bonnie - March 6

Have you ever heard the comment "Please don't feed the trolls"? The mroe peopel respond to 'defend" themselves, the more the trolls will act up. Sometimes think people look more idiotic just responding to that stuff. I always picture some 13 year old kid sitting there getting his jollies off on trying to rile people up, and it just seems silly to listen to aduls fight with them.



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