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Arinae - March 21

I don't know if this is an appropriate forum for this question but here it goes. My daughter is almost 32 months old and she has no interest in potty training. I introduced it to her at around 14 months but without any pressure of course. I have been trying like h__l for the past 2 months to get her to go and she just doesn't want to hear it. I've tried everything from bribing w/ stickers, candy, toys ect. to running water while she is sitting on it to see if that will make her pee, I even let her play with a little bucket of warm water while she is sitting on the potty to see if that will work. I ask her about every half hour. She sits on it for about 15 minutes every morning because she wakes up dry and I know she has to go. She won't go after 15-20 minutes I take her off and put a pull up on her while I make breakfast quick. She will go and hide and go in the pull up. I am so frustrated, but I don't let her know of course. What do I do? Does anyone have any advice? I know she is ready. I just don't want to stress the issue too much with her, because it may push her away from the potty. Help :(


SonyaM - March 21

I have a boy so it's al ittle different but an "older" friend told me this is what she did with her girls. She put them in really lacey panties and let them have accidents. As you can imagine the lacey panties when wet don't feel good and they quickly got the picture. Might be worth a try. Another idea is to have her pick out big girl panties but explain that if she wets in them, they go in the trash. That might motivate her as well. Good Luck.


Nerdy Girl - March 21

My daughter was "pooped trained" at 24 months but continued to pee in her pull up until about 35 months old. Being wet just did not bother her. She 36 months old when my son was born, and she totally regressed. My son is now 4 months old, and my daughter is just finally starting to wear underpants full-time again. She still will pee in her pants as a "weapon" against my husband and I when we give her a time-out and she is really mad about it. I am curious to watch your post and see what others have to say.....


Bubbles11 - March 21

A friend of mine has two girls a year apart and taught them both to use the potty by having them pick out whatever panties they wanted (barbie or cinderella). When they tinkled on barbie it would upset them so bad they eventually got the hang of using the potty. Anothing friend of mine used a messy sort of way. She put down news papers through out the house and let her daughter run around naked. when she went potty it would run down her legs and it was uncomforatable for the little girl. I like the first idea. HTH


Gwenna-mom - March 22

I have a friend that had a boy that wouldn't poop on the pot, but would in a Pull up. She cut a hole in the b___t, then put it on him and set him on the pot. Believe it or not it worked! My son wasn't interested in peeing on the pot at first, then I would put little pieces of toilet paper in there to see if he could hit them-he LOVED that. Also, we would have a debate about his poops, are they "floaters" or "sinkers"-he was always excited to find out. To keep him dry in between, he has Spiderman underware, he knows Spiderman doesn't like to get wet. One thing that helped our situation was our daycare provider. She has 3 other boys about the same age and they are all doing it together (she's a saint). My son would be mortified if I put him in a diaper now.


MJM - March 22

I would say get rid of the pull up. She knows she can go in it and it is still some what comfy. Take her to the store and let her pick out some big girl panties. Buy about 3 lrg packs. Only put a pull up on at night time. She will not like the feeling of truely being wet and will start to use the potty. Just make a big deal out of being a big girl. Let her choose her own panties and say that she is a big girl now and can pick them out. Then go to the book store and buy a couple of potty books, My daughter loved the book "everyone Poops". by Taro Gomi. They have every 1 potties, every 1 farts tons of them. I would sit and read a couple books each time. They are really quick reading books. Also you could get an old wind up type clock. Or an egg timer. Set it on the back of the toilet and set it to lets say 5 min and make a game out of it. Say ok this is going to ding in 5 minutes lets see if you can go potty before it goes ding. Just a few ideas I hope this helps


MJM - March 22

sorry i forgot to add that if you get her panties I would buy a lot of sweats or streatchy pants. Ones that are easy to pull up and down. Sweats are usually only a couple bucks each. that way you have a stock pile for when she does go. She will also realize that panties are way more comfy then pull ups. My dd was trained for day and night by age 18 mo. I used these ideas and she was trained in 1 wk or so. Good luck and make sure that you be consistant. That is another huge thing!!


Heidi - March 22

A friend of mine did that with the big girl undies too. They took her shopping for big girl undies and let her pick her own out and from what I know, it really made a difference.


meme - March 22

Hey there. My mom always reminds me that it took me 'til I was three and a half to be potty trained. Still, I was fully potty trained in time for me to begin school. So while it may have been a pain for my mom, it happened. It will happen for your daughter too. Just let her know that you know she is really trying her best & you're proud of her for that.


kris Al. - March 22

My twin daughters took their time too... They were three years old before they even bothered to try, and I was beating myself up over it and spending insane amounts of time in the bathroom, just to try to 'catch em in the act'. I gave up, and I just kept repeating to myself they would EVENTUALLY figure it out. And they did... by three and a half. Now they are 13 and it's a distant memory, and no one really cares how old they were when they got it.


tiffani - March 22

This isn't the most pleasant way, but it helped me teach my daughter. Let her go around the house without pants or a pull up on. Put her little potty in whatever room she is in the most. Spend as much time with her as you can, and try and catch her in the act. When you see her getting ready to pee on the floor, quickly grab her and set her on her potty. Make a really big deal of it when she does go in her potty. Once she's potty trained, get your carpets cleaned. :o)


Arinae - March 23

Thanx everyone for your replies. I think I will try everones advice one way or another. My family is just on my a__s about it, and I think I'm feeling more pressure than my daughter is. They look down on anybody in my family that has a child in diapers after the age of three.


jg - March 23

Just a funny story while on this SIL was trying to "bribe" my nephew to use the potty. She sat him there and told him that he would get a treat if he did a wee in the potty. She left the room for a minute, came back and he proudly told her he had done a wee and wanted his treat. Well she checked it out, and found some liquid in the potty, but it was GREEN! He had squirted some of his lime cordial in there to qualify for the treat! LOL!!


Sarahsmommy - March 23

Don't worry about your family, it's your child not their's. Your child is not going to be potty trained until they are ready to, so in my opion you may be wasting you time, you will know when she is ready and she will learn quickly. The other thing may be to get you ped to check her just to make sure there is nothing wrong with her, but I would wait until she gives you the signs that she is ready to train.



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