Sometimes I Think He Hates Me

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Christy - December 23

Does anyone else feel like their baby hates them sometimes? I know Ben does not hate me, but when he is crying (which seems like a lot of his waking hours) he often pushes me away and acts like he does not want to be held. It seems like a lot of people can just pick their baby up and s/he instantly shuts up and wants to cuddle. Ben just screams. Not always, but often. I will change his diaper, feed him, hold him, etc, but he just cries. I really think a lot of it has to do with his belly (we started him on Pepsid recently,) but sometimes I can't help but wonder if I upset him somehow. It makes me sad and feel like a total failure as a mother when it happens. :(


Kristina - December 23

Aww that is sad...but no way does you baby hate you! Just a cranky little bugger =)


Lisastar9 - December 23

How old is your liittle one maybe teeth hurting they tend to movee up and down several times before they finally come through.


Christy - December 23

He will be 7 weeks old on Monday. I think it is early for teething, but out of curiosity, what do baby's gums feel like when they are little like Ben and not teething? His gums' tissue is smooth, but they feel uneven, like there are teeth underneath. Is that normal for a 7 week old? I thought they would feel very smooth and level. I also let him suck on my finger this evening and it was more like he was gumming at my finger rather than sucking.


Kristina - December 23

By the way I know how you feel because sometimes Tasia will wake up and start crying and when I pick her up she starts screaming even louder!!!!! =(


Heidi - December 23

Sounds like tummy troubles. He doesn't hate you. Emma's not real wild about being cuddled unless she's nursing or really tired.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 23

I had this problem last week. I went through a depressing week where I thought I was a horrible mom. I kept telling her dad that she needed to go to daycare and other people needed to take care of her so she will appreciate what I do for her (she is only 7 1/2 months old!!) When it was all over with and I realized that I was her favorite person in the world I felt kinda bad that I even thought that. If you look around to the other people that take care of him you will realize that he looks at you like noone else! He loves you more than you know and you make him happy!


Me - December 23

My son pulls his hands away when I try to touch or hold them and there are other times when he'll cry despite me holding and cuddling him. It could be pain causing it. Plus they're so young, they don't really understand. I promise you he doesn't hate you.


Narcissus - December 25

My son is very independent and when he is hurt, he does not want to be cuddled. He also pushes me away...


Bohnwin - December 26

Christy, At almost 2 months old, your baby could be very well teething. Try acetominaphen (Tylenol) for the pain, and a cold damp washcloth, or chilled teething ring. Also, what are you feeding him, b___stmilk or formula? If it is b___stmilk, maybe you have been eating something lately that upsets him (I couldn't eat onions or green peppers the whole time I was b___stfeeding. On that note, I've never heard of giving an infant Pepsid. Did your pediatrician recommend that? A safer bet would be Mylicon drops.) If its formula, maybe he's not getting enough out of it. It may be his time to start on cereal. (This is a highly volitile topic. Some say that 2 months is ok to start cereal in the bottle, and some say 4 months. Some even wait until 8 or 12 months to start their babies on solids.) Above all, you are not a failure as a mommy. The little buggers don't come with instruction manuals, after all. Let's face it, a bit of motherhood is trial and error. I wish we really had that "inner instinct" that everyone says we do. I look at my little girl, now 22 months, and wonder how the heck she survived my trial-and-error approach to motherhood so far. But, I'm rewarded everytime she runs to me and gives me a kiss or a hug, and yells "Mommy".


Christy - December 26

Thanks for the responses, ladies! He's been a little better lately. I think his belly was really troubling him. The Pepsid oral suspension prescribed by his doctor seems to be helping a lot. He still spits up, but not as badly, and he seems less fussy. I still wonder about the teeth because if I give him my finger to suck on, he will gum at it more than anything. I think it has also helped that we are going out if the house more. He liked visiting with all of the relatives, and they loved having him over. Anyway, thanks again for the support. I always appreciate it.



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