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jessie - April 19

Hi ladies. My son is very colicky and has a relux problem, very gassy, and he seems happiest when in his swing. When he is inconsolable, I put him in there, and about 90% of the time, he stops crying for a bit and falls asleep. Now, when I try to take him out and move him to his crib or just to hold him, he wakes up and cries until I put him back in the swing. I feel somehow like I have been replaced by this swing and suck as a mom. Like, he really loves his swing, and he smiles at the fishies on it, but he never smiles at me!! OK, I think I actually am jealous of the freaking swing lol. He sleeps in it all the time, and seems to be happiest there. I keep trying to pick him up and spend time with him, but after about 15 minutes in my arms, he gets whiny and starts crying, and stops once I put him back in his swing. Here is my question: How much time is too much time for him to be in his swing? It seems to me he is always in there and even though he more content in there, I am worried I am somehow stunting his social growth by leaving him in there so much. Am I silly? Anyone else have babies who prefer their swings or bouncy chairs to their moms?


frankschick2001 - April 19

You DONT suck as a mom, just consider that swing worth it's weight in GOLD! It's OK to be jealous of the swing! Eventually your son will come to realize that the swing does not smile back at him! The constant rocking and swaying is probably what does it for him, so be glad that at least there is something that helps to soothe him, otherwise you'd be going crazy! If you feel he is spending too much time in there maybe sit in front of the swing with him as well? This way he is not "playing" by himself and you are still interacting with him, and you'll probably get a smile or two out of him too!


rl- - April 19

oh gosh my first son spent his first 3 months in his swing so your not a bad mom don't worry ( :


mandee25 - April 19

Do not worry. When infants are very young a lot of them need the swinging motion to make them feel more secure because that is how they felt like in the womb. I read the happiest baby on the block and I recommend this to anyone with a newborn. My 5 month old ds still uses his swing for daytime naps but sadly we will have to put it away soon. Use it while you can. As your child gets older they won't need to be in the swing as much. How old is he btw?


DB - April 19

My dd LOVES her swing..She's in it a lot. She also naps in it. You're not a sucky mom...don't feel guilty, it's hard to have a colicky baby. It's be different if he was unhappy in his swing! But, sooner or later he'll want you and not the swing ;)


jessie - April 19

Hi ladies! I just fed him and changed him and he started crying, so I put him in his miracle swing and he just relaxes in it. I am glad to read your responses, makes me feel like less of a bad mom. I guess I went from holding him and soothing him 10 hours a day to leaving him in his swing (once I saw how much it soothed him) and I feel bad about it, like somehow I should be able to do that lol!!! Mandee, my son is 6 weeks old. We just got the swing last weekend and it is miraculous for soothing him. franks, I remember you from the old lucky going for babies thread!! congrats on your girl. I remember you had such bad ms eh? :) DB, thanks as always ;) rl, I am happy to hear that your son also likes his swing too lol and it is not just me failing as a mom. I have little friends with young children, so I don't knwo what is what yet, thank God for this forum! xx


BWIND - April 19

My son isn't colic, but he loves both the swing and bouncy chair. I kinda feel guilty like he's always in one of them and I should be doing more. I just make sure I spend time holding him during the day. When he wants down I put him in one of those. I still spend time talking to him and interacting with him. When I hold him, he likes to be facing out. He's very curious and likes to look around. He's only 9 weeks too.


beth1975 - April 19

Our swing is the best thing we own!! However, it does make me a little sad he doesn't want to cuddle with me like he did when he was first born.He is almost 8 weeks and he is already becoming very independent.


Lchan - April 19

My son had horrible gas colic and reflux and the rocking of the swing made him feel better. He lived in his swing between 1-3 months. We bought cases and cases of batteries because he was in it 24/7. We even bought a second swing so that we didn't have to move it from room to room. Then one morning at about 5 months he whined that he wanted out and he hasn't been back since. You're not a horrible mom, your son is simply telling you how to relieve his aches. Believe me, in a few months this will pa__s and then he'll clinging to you.


cyclemom - April 19

I have an 8 week old w/ really bad reflux as well. He likes the swing b/c it keeps him more upright. We have found the position he relaxes most in is laying on our chest on his tummy. I will lean back against pillows on the couch and let him lay on his tummy on me (so he's not laying flat -his head is still elevated some).. I think he like the pressure on his tummy and that position keeps his reflux from getting too bad. I would try that position and see if he likes it. Be careful though, somtimes that's the only way my son wants to take naps. Every time I try to set him down somewhere he wakes up. I love holding him, but it's hard to get anything done! There isn't anything wrong with letting them be in the swing though, Like everyone else has said, the movement is really comforting for them. Good Luck! Is your son taking anything for his reflux? Mine is on Prevacid, and it sorta works, but I think he needs a high dose of it.


cyclemom - April 19

I should add that I only let my baby sleep like that when I am awake b/c of SIDS. It's too bad that tummy sleeping is a risk factor for SIDS, b/c my son would probably sleep twice as long at night if I let him sleep on his tummy!


maddiesmom - April 19

My baby is a year old and still won't nap anywhere but her swing!!!!! I'm okay with it until it becomes a safety issue. So far, I'm just doing what works!!!! Don't feel bad!!! I actually read that the swinging motion stimulates the speech part of their brain so it does have some added benefits ;-)


jessb - April 19

Hey, My name is Jessie too! Anyways, my dd was the same. She was in her swing ALL the time for the first 3 months. I would try to pick her up and interact with her and she would just scream. She just preferred that d__n swing!! She grew out of it by five months. Once she started moving around I longed for the days when she would just sit calmly in the swing again.


aurorabunny - April 19

Jessie I really know what you are going through. My ds also had quite a reflux problem and preferred his swing over being held by me or dh. It did make me feel bad for a while and then I just figured whatever made him happy was the best. All too soon he was too big for the swing and I'm sure pretty soon your ds will be too. Don't sweat it.


vanja10 - April 20

cyclemom - my son sleeps on his belly all the time now.. the crib is right beside my bed, so i can see him at night, but his neck is so strong that he can move his head back and forth, so i feel ok putting him to sleep on his belly. He doesn't puke, the only time would be if he ate too much and when burping him, he'll spit up a little bit, but thats about it.. he's 7 weeks now and he's been sleeping on his tummy since about 4.5 weeks.


LauraZ - October 1

Jessie-  im not sure how long ago you made your original post, but I know how you feel.  I am going through the same thing with my son.  He loves the swing and seems to prefer it over me or my husband.  I am interested to know when your son grew out of preferring the swing?      


jessie - October 1

LOL I made this post in 2007 :) and yes he now outgrew it! As soon as he learned to romp around it was bye bye swing! 

I had two other kids after that, neither liked the swing as much.

He now loves roller coasters, the bigger the better, so I think it comes down to personal preference! He just like the motion of the swing.

Good luck Laura! xx



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