Son With Severe Asthma At 15months

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hrsmith - February 16

My son has terrible asthma. A small cold will send him into breathing distress. I have been out all week with him trying to get his breathing back to normal. Is there anyone out there who has gone through or is going through this too. I have wonderful doctors, but feel like i need to chat with someone who has also experienced this.


vonzo - February 16

I had chronic asthma as a child from birth and was in oxygen tents numerous times! Anything you want to know ask away!! Or i could give you my email address if you would prefer that?


hrsmith - February 18

Thanks Vonzo. did you outgrow it? My son has luckily only been hospitalized once, but i do have to take a lot of time off of work because he needs constant breathing treatments. He has been referred to an allergist, so we will see what they say, but i feel like so far it's just colds that spark his asthma. I just feel so bad for him because he has to sit in front of the breathing machine soooo much. My hubby and I are ttc again, but sometimes i almost have second thoughts because i don't want to have another child go through this. Sometimes I think it's a selfish thought.


vonzo - February 18

im 23 now and stopped taking all medication by the time i was 19 (i think) and i've been fine! If i get the cold or flu it goes straight to my chest and i have to take an inhaler for the time i have the cold but apart from that im fine. Id suggest taking him swimming, my mum put me in an asthma swim group and it increased my lung capacity sooo much and helped me control my breathing. I had a fantastic Dr who happened to be an asthma specialist too so he helped me out loads as well. Even though i was in and out of hospital it has never stopped me doing anything really. I've been a dancer since i was 2, (the only reason i stopped was because i kept dislocating my knee.) i always did PE and Games at school and was running around and playing on my bike with all the other kids too. It's scary when you've never experienced it but since i've never known any different i just see it as part of life. You adapt and grow to know your and your childs limits and when they're poorly etc. Don't let it put you off having any more children. I'm the youngest of 5 and am the only one who has asthma. One of my brothers had it but it only lasted 3 years and now is completely free of it and he has no trouble with his lungs at all and he's a heavy smoker too. In my opinion (of course you don't have to listen to it) the worst thing you can do is wrap him up in cotton wool. Let him be a kid and do regular things. If he gets wheezy running around. GIve him a puff of his inhaler before you know he's going to run around mad and this will act as a preventative measure and will open his tubes up and let him breathe more easily while he's exerting himself. Exercise is actually a great thing for asthmatics as it increases lung strength and teaches you how to control your breathing more. Ovbiously if he's been poorly don't let him run round mad as it will make him breathless more easily (easier said than done with a boy his age :o) ) but you will learn all these things as he grows up. I hope i've helped a little, if not just tell me to shut my gob hehe :o) xx


Rabbits07 - February 18

Clint was dx'ed with asthma at 8 months old, but had been symptomatic since 4 months. He was like your ds and colds always caused BIG problems. He was on a daily regimen of Pulmicort and when he had episodes he also had to take Xopenex...these were both through the neb machine. There were times that he was so bad that he had to do the treatments of Xopenex every hour for 4-5 hours (this was under his dr''s advis____nt, of course). The good news is that with each pa__sing year he has seemed to get better and better. He only had about 2 episodes last year and we have had none thus far this year. Our pedi said that more kids grow out of it than not so the chances are good for your ds. I know what you are going through. It is hard to watch them struggle and not be able to do anything. It's even harder when you realize they are getting a sniffle and you KNOW what's coming! Does the dr. have your ds on any preventive maintenance such as Pulmicort?


hrsmith - February 20

Rabbits 07 and vonzo, thanks for responding. I appreciate all you have said. My son takes Pulmicort twice a day. I am thinking they are going to keep him on it until the flu season is over. He also uses albuterol whenever needed. He takes them both through the machine. He also has had to have the oral steroid prednisolone 3 times so far, but he only takes it for 5 days. He just recently finished up his 5 days of the prednisolone and I am happy. I know it helps him, but i worry about the side effects, and it hurts his stomache a little. Overall he is an unbeleivably happy baby despite his breathing difficulties. In fact, my dr.'s have nicknamed him "happy wheezer!" I will take all of your advice vonzo. I am very happy you responded to my post. Sometimes i really do feel like I am alone with this. Thanks so much



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