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jensenc - May 11

i am making a video for my baby and looking for any ideas of a good song to add to it. anyone have any ideas?


jb - May 11

How about "Forever young" Rod Stewart.


SonyaM - May 11

If your baby is a boy there is an AWESOME song by the Dixie Chicks called Godspeed. It is the sweetest song I have ever heard. Oh, also Billy Dean's Let Them be Little. Very Sweet.


Angie in MI - May 11

If you have a girl, Isn't she lovely by Stevie Wonder. I sing that to my dd all the time


karlynn17 - May 11

The Things We've Handed Down by Marc Cohn


jb - May 12

I thought of another one...Creed "with arms wide open"


Bonnie - May 12

I'm glad you posted this as I am doing the same thing. Jensenc, what program are you using? I used Windows Movie Maker. Then I bought "I Hope You Dance" on Napster and it won't let me import the song ~sigh~. Any sggestions on that?....If you have a girl, "B___terfly Kisses" is a good one.......I'd love to hear some suggestions for boys. I ended up using a generic version of "Her Come the Sun".


Bonnie - May 12

Here is my video if anyone is boreed :)...but I want to change the music.


Rabbits07 - May 12

Bonnie, your baby is adorable! I loved the pic of him all puckered up like he was ready for a kiss, my Mason does that, too. I liked the ending also...too cute!


Bonnie - May 12

Thanks :D...if it was the one during the silly part, he used to do this thing where he would suck on his toungue, lol. I should have kept the sound in on that one :D...Now if I could just get the songs to import. :(


Nerdy Girl - May 12

"A New Day" by Celine Dion. Nice lyrics. That came out three years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and it always made me cry. Also "The Greatest Discovery" by Elton John is really good if it's your 2nd baby because the lyrics address the baby's arrival from the perspective of the older child.


Nerdy Girl - May 12

Ben Folds also has a really cool song called "Gracie" that he wrote about his daughter. That is also my daughter's name, so of course that song tugs at my heartstrings!


cynthia334 - May 12

Not sure if its too late if youve already added a song. But i really like Miracle from Celine Dion, it makes me cry every time....


Mommy - May 12

I really like "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith. It's how I feel about my kids.


mommabear - May 18

My favorites: "My Girl" by the Temptations, "The first time ever I saw your face" Celine Dion version, for those right-after-labor scenes, "Beautiful" by All-4-one and Jim Brickman, and oldies like Archies' "Sugar sugar", for something with a faster beat.



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