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Victoria_1985 - April 27

Hi ladies! I am currently 29 weeks along with my first baby! Now that I'm finally in the thrid trimester I don't feel like I have anything ready. Can you ladies make so suggestions as to what you found REALLY helpful when your babies were born? I have a piczo site that has a BABY SHOWER GIFT IDEA page that lists some things that we have and things that we still need. If you could write some suggestions I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thankx


krnj - April 27

Onsies that snap or zipper up the front! The back ones are a pain! If you are going to swaddle your lo, get a receiving blanket that's big enough! I had tons of them but they were too small to swaddle. Also the Inclined to Sleep helps my ds sleep although he does slide down. It's a wedge made out of memory foam that lifts them up and has 2 side bumpers. Best of luck to you!! :)


Victoria_1985 - April 27

krnj-Thankx for your advice! The receiveing blankets that come in packs of 5 or 6 were they big enough?? Or do you have to buy them in singles?


Heather - April 27

The one thing I don't think I could live without was the SwaddleMe. It actually uses velcroe to help keep him swaddled. My DS starting kicking out of the receiving blankets at only 6 weeks old. I believe the brand Koala has bigger receiving blankets than most others. Gerber has the smallest - even at 6 pounds I couldn't use those to swaddle him. I also had the inclined to sleep. I loved that for the first 2 months then he started sliding too much and his head was between the bumpers and taht really scared me so now I have him ina sleep positioner but not on an incline and it works great.


nic nac - April 27

Victoria_1985, those blankets that come in the pacs of 5 are not big enough. your lo will wiggle out in no time. my dd was 6lbs 3oz, 19 3/4inches and she got out so fast. we used the swaddler. If you definitely are going to swaddle, i would buy one swaddle blanket (it cost $9.99) and if your lo likes to be swaddled then invest in the miracle blanket it's like $29. I heard it works great because they can't get out of it. I wished i got one cuz my dd as she got older (now 4 months) started wiggling out of the $9.99 swaddle but i am weaning her off of it now so i didn't bother buying the miracle blanket. getting a really good blanket is good cuz they will sleep so well and more comfortably. Here's what i found helpful: -swaddles -baby wipe warmer (my dd screamed when we changed her with a cold wipe) -gas drops -hats -onesies with sleeves and without sleeves (the ones that are like tshirts with no bottoms so it doesn't rub against the cord) -regular onesies that snap at the bottom -diaper genie (worked well for me) -don't get those gowns that open at the bottom, they just rise up and are a pain in the a__s -bobby -infant tub -bouncy chair (my dd didn't like it and is still just getting used to it) but your baby may love it. so much other stuff but i don't want to bombard you. One thing i wouldn't do is buy a lot of clothes. Actually for the first three months i bought no clothes at all. i used what i got at my shower. i know i am forgetting a lot but i can't think right now. hope this helps. good luck to you


Bonnie - April 27

Yeah, those blankets are too small. I also loved teh special swaddling blankets you can get them at Walmart and babies R us. I use the smaller blankets as changing table covers as the actualy changing table covers are a pain in the b___t. I also did not like regular onsies as I was fumbly with his head and it was too wierd at first for me trying to get them on. Go for outfits at first that you don't have to pull over the head. There are plenty that snap all the way up the front.


Victoria_1985 - April 27

Thankx don't know how helpful your being!!! What about bathing the baby...what products did you find worked well and which didn't?? I know babys have sensitive skin and some bathing products smell really bad!


Heather - April 27

I use the Johnson's original bath wash and lotion. They work great and makes him smell so good. Another thing I thought about was an activity mat. My DS loves his and it makes great tummy time and he will lay there for hours on his back if I would let him. He has even started talking to the little animals that hang down. I definitely recommend one of those.


mommabear - April 27

Parenting books! When I was preggo I read everything about pregnancy and labor, and nothing about parenting. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with the thousand little decisions I had to make as a new mom. Do I co-sleep, rock her to sleep, carry her all the time, do this, use that, etc, etc. Who knew there were different schools of thought when it came to something so seemingly mundane as sleeping? I've been reading since she came, but wish i had done when she was still in my tummy cause its almost impossible now to sit down and actually finish a book. Also it will help you become a more secure and confident new mom so that when unsolicited opinion and contradictory advise come your way, you know exactly where you stand. Your baby will also throw you curve b___s and you can't prepare for every scenario, but when you are armed with knowledge things are just that much easier to manage.


Leahp - April 28

I have to say that the two books that were a life saver for my hubby and I were, "Happiest baby on the block" get it now so you're prepared, I had a friend that was trying to read it while her newborn was screaming just to figure out what to do, since my hubby and I read it together, we were a tag team and never had a problem calming her!!!Also, "your baby week by week" up to a year, it was fun to read every week what she will be doing I even had to sneak a peek into the previous weeks. The Swaddleme was a life saver, I agree with Heather, you can swaddle them fast and easy!!! our other lifesaver was the bouncy chair, I heard of babies loving the swing, but ours had to be bounced constantly and at times she even wanted to be in there instead of being held, it also put her fast to sleep. As far as receiving blankets I got the adorable Amy Coe from Target, and they were big enough and she looked so cute wrapped up in the adorable designs that Amy Coe uses. After a few months, you'll probably need sleeping sac with arms and it zips in the front, that came in real handy as well! Hmmm, that's all I can think of as of now, good luck to you!! Hope you have a speedy and healthy delivery! :)


AmandaManns - April 28

When my little man was a newborn and I couldnt give him a bath in water we used the Huggies washcloths that have the soap and everything in them. Now he gets all of his baths at night before he goes to bed and we use the Johnson's Bedtime Bath bath soap and lotion afterwards. He loves it and it smells SOOOO good.


JMux - April 30

The SwaddleMe blanket was a lifesaver. My dd was a little houdini and she could get out of a receiving blanket sooo fast. I also could not have lived without her swing. She lived in sleeper for the first few months of her life. They kept her little feet warm, plus I didn't have to put anything over her head. I used Johnson's Head to Toe Baby wash - it made it easier since I used it for shampoo and body wash. The gas drops were wonderful - you may also need a supply of good absorbant burp rags (especially if your baby has reflux.) Disposable diapers work great soaking up the spit-up. I loved the pacifier too - it saved me when she was just a few days old and wanted to nurse constantly, not because she was hungry but because she wanted to suckle. It gave me a break and helped us succeed at b___stfeeding. Some lanolin cream is good for cracked or bleeding nipples and a manual b___st pump is great for engorgement. Sorry this list is so long - I'm trying to remember everything that helped me. One thing that I hope you have available is an extra set of hands. If baby wants held, but you need a nap, a shower or even a bathroom break, someone else to hold baby is awesome. It's amazing how much a 20 minute nap can do for you!


Victoria_1985 - April 30

What about diaper rash cream and baby powder? Baby powder absores moisture....?? rash cream only when theres a rash? Do u put a special cream on everything you change the diaper?


ry - April 30

Hi Vicotria. I have a one month old and the one thing I dont know what I would do without is cloth diapers. They are great to put under baby's bum for changing anywhere (you wont even believe how many times you will be peed and pooped on!) and for burping and spit up. They are great. I was given a bunch of pretty and expensive burp cloths and I have never used them. I also would stock up on some diaper creams, one thing I do use is baby vaseline (i never knew they made it) but it is very moisturizing on the bum and helps prevent and treat diaper rash. Powder is fine but make sure it is made with cornstarch and not talc. Also Johnsons head to toe body wash is great for sponge and quick baths, you can use it to shampoo hair and body and it rinses off easily. Since my baby is still a newborn i am not too sure what else i svery helpful yet, but i hope this helps. Good luck to you!



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