Sooo Excited Pregnant Again

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hrsmith - March 3

I am pregnant again. I am soo happy. I am staying cautiously optimistic because i miscarried last time. I can tell this is going to be a lot harder on me since my son is soo much work. He is 16 months old and quite the spitfire! It's all worth it though. wish me luck!!


Crissy - March 3

Congratulations hrsmith! What exciting news! Good luck, and I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy! :-)


Rabbits07 - March 3

Congrats! When did you find out? How far along are you? I remember being that way after my m/c....thankfully everything turned out fine. Congrats again!


LollyM - March 3

oh yay! congrats =) I can't wait to have another! dd is only 7 months though =)


Lisastar9 - March 3

sounds like a nice age difference,. Congratulations.


hthab - March 3

How exciting! Congratulations!


hrsmith - March 3

Thanks ladies. I am due Nov. 1st so I am 5 a little over 5 weeks i think. The funny thing is that my first son's due date was Nov. 21, but he came 4 weeks early on October 25th. I will be curious to see how close they come to having the same birthdate!!


Nerdy Girl - March 3

Congrats! My kids birthdays are in the same week, 3 years apart. People think that dh only gets it once a year. LOL! It makes some things very easy and convenient, like family birthday parties. I also started a tradition of making a slideshow for their birthdays with photos of them from the past year. Now I don't have to make two separate slideshows, but just one.


hrsmith - March 3

great idea nerdy girl. my husbands first thought was that it would be cheaper to hold two birthday parites at once. I am sure we won't do that every year, but i'll have to wait and see what happens.


Lindsey - March 3

Congrats hrsmith, me and my little boy share our birthday, it will be his 1st (and my 28th) 15th June and dh is now saying that my birthday has to be cancelled every year lol, yeah right


sahmof3 - March 3

Congrats!! My boys' b-days are close, too... July 1st and July 7th.


jenrodel - March 3

Congratulations! I hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy :)


krnj - March 3

Congrats! I'm pregnant again too and my boys will be 17 months apart! Do you want to know what the s_x is?


Erin1979 - March 4



Nerdy Girl - March 4

I know some people think it's bad to combine their parties, but I don't plan on doing this when they are old enough to have "friend parties." We have a big family and it's too hard to coordinate everyone for two weekends right around the same time. My kids both get their own cake and decorations. This year we had a combo Elmo and Cinderella party. It was actually pretty cute. There are some pics on p 3 of my flickr site of our family with the two cakes



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