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Lillie E - April 4

my son is 5 months old and still hasnt had his "4 month" appt. he didn't have his 2 month until he was almost 3 months old, so we had to wait until almost 5 months because of the time between shots, but the place that i go to can't get him in! they don't scedual appt's. they make you call when they open and you either get an appt that day or the next. i called yesterday and i got threw after calling for 5 mins straight when they opened, then i was on hold for 25 mins for them to tell me they filled up their appts. its driving me crazy. the insurance we have as a copay that doesn't kick in until weve racked up 1200 in doc bills so we're paying for everything anyways, and on top of that i've never seen the same doc. we get shitty service and its driving me crazy. i'm trying to switch places, but there are not enough doctors in town for the amount of patience. i don't know what to do, its just giving me a head ache!


Sarahsmommy - April 4

I don't know what to say except I'm sorry you are going through this, I know it must be extremly frustrating for you.


Nerdy Girl - April 4

I cannot imagine dealing with that. What about working moms? They are supposed to call the pediatrician that morning and maybe or maybe not get an appointment??? How can you plan your day around that. I can understand this might apply for an emergency, but you should be able to schedule your "well baby" visits in advance. To me it sounds like this physicians' office has no respect for their patients' lives or time. How terrible that you have to deal with that. Isn't there anywhere else you can try to go to? Where are you located?


tiffani - April 4

I think if I were you I would drive to another town in search of better healthcare. What kind of doctor has such a ridiculous policy that it won't take appointments?? That's just plain old stupid! They don't deserve a dime of your $$$. Sorry you're having such a hard time. :o)


Lillie E - April 5

well its the only place in my town i can go to, and i live right on the california border and the closest town in california is 2 hours south. i hate it. they don't have enough docs, its the only place that takes my insurance and every time a new doc comes they leave again. i love in aa pretty small town and in july (that was the last i heard) 11 docs had left since the new year... its rediculous


Jenn - April 5

Hi! I was just wondering if your area has a local health department? I ask cause they give shots to kids for cheaper than a docs office-at least he'll have his shots. We are going to be without insurance most likey after this baby is born so I have been looking into prices and it will be sooo much cheaper to take him for a wellbaby visit and then getting his shots elsewhere-I can get them for him at the health dept. for $6.50. So, even if we can't afford the actual docs appt I can still get him his shots.


Lillie E - April 5

yeah they actually had that yesterday. i didn't know about it before hand thou. i know he'll get the shots, but i want to see a doctor and talk to them about my son. i want to ask questions and get answers. i hate the fact that he doesn't have a doctor! we're trying to find another place to go to, and now i know we just need to pay cash up front.


Sarahsmommy - April 5

I just thought about this, at Sarah's ped's office they have extended office hours on Monday nights and also they have a few hours on Sat. they do not make appointments at these times they are for the "emeregncy" visits. I think this works out great. They also have an emergncy nurse line you can call when they are closed and if needed they will page the doc for you. I think this is wonderful. Is there an office manager or anybody you can talk to about how you feel? Maybe if enough parents complain they will do something about it.



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