Sooooo Coooold

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sahmof3 - February 4

The wind is howling and it's supposed to be a wind chill of -16 F tomorrow morning. BBRRRR! Who else is living in a freezer?


krnj - February 4

Well it's not as cold here but I think it's suppose to be like 10 here tomorrow! The wind is really howling tonight! Hopefully it won't wake up ds! Guess we'll be stuck in the house all day, ugh! lol


BriannasMummy - February 4

Im always in a freezer it seems. Most of last week the wind chill was between -21 and -23 here.. BRRRR ~Kristin~


Rans - February 4

It is currently -29 C, with windchill it feels like -42 C. Tonights low is called for -33 C feeling like -46 C. Brrrrr! Sure is nice here inside with the fire on!


SonyaM - February 4

I can't even imagine what that must feel like. The last time it got lower than about 25 was years and years ago and even then I think it was only in the teens. Today was sunny and nice here today. Chilly but nice. Just wait till summer I'll be complaining about the heat. I remember vividly when it got to 112 at then end of August about 6 years ago. It was crazy.


jb - February 4

Our high today was 4 below zero. The windchill was in the mid twenties..below zero. My poor dog HATES it. The poor guy is 3 legging it out there. He can only last about 3 minutes before he is limping and walking on 3 legs.


jillianT - February 4

it's 3 F degrees here w/ a wind chill of -16 F. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING!!!! i feel like i'm trapped in the house. :(


cae - February 4

I hear ya!! Its too d__n cold for me.


DeeJay - February 5

I am actually living in a freezer!!! This new house has electric heat and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!! My electric bill is like $450 and we are freezing. What kind of moron puts electric heat in a house in PA!!! (a cheap moron) So we walk around in layers and blankets and I have bought a few space heaters but even though I got the safest ones I still hate them especially with the baby and animals. I am soooo glad the ground hog didn't see his shadow, c'mon summer!


KLC - February 5

Its so cold here in NY that school was cancelled.


Rabbits07 - February 5

I must be living in the warm's a wind chill of 5 degrees


sahmof3 - February 5

Well, got ds off to school this cold morning (delays and cancellations in every county except ours (NICE... not!). I had to climb a ladder and open and close our automatic garage door by hand (that's a little quirk of our home... the door won't automatically open when it hits the 30s lol). DH said, "Oh yeah, it's easy... just pull the cord and close it with the handle." Ha! Easy for his 6 ft. 2 self to say ;-) The drop-off line at school was looong and on the way back we pa__sed ds' bus... it was almost empty. Guess there weren't many takers on walking that far, standing in the cold and walking back LOL.


bradylove - February 5

It hasn;t let up here for quite some time it seems....oh yeah Friday it did for like 5 minutes WHILE it was snowing! It's actually not so bad today at -13 C but there's a windchill.


bradylove - February 5

Rans do you live in Nunavut or something? That's freakin' cold!!!!!


kris313 - February 5

The wind chill is -20 right now (I live in Michigan). I made my dh take Molly to daycare this morning because he has automatic start on his truck. I just couldn't bring myself to stand out there waiting for my car to heat up!


Shannah - February 5

-17 this morning here in michigan. it has been so cold the past few days!


Renea - February 5

-16 here, but with windchill it is -31 I'm in northern IL. No school for the kiddos--they cancelled it last night. I don't remember school ever being cancelled for cold weather when we were kids. And we even walked, barefoot, uphill, for 2 miles =)



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