Sooooo Cranky

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CassieSong - June 21

My dd is 6 months and this past week has become sooo cranky. She is so difficult to deal with, can't be left alone for a moment. She used to play happily in her exersaucer for 15 minutes at least (enough time for me to eat my breakfast in peace), but now she whines constantly. Is this just a phase? What are your 6 month olds like right now?


JEN - June 21

Ughhhhhhhh.....mine too! My ds is 6 months and 1 week tomorrow, and has been acting the exact same way! He has not been sleeping like he usually does, and has been waking several times at night. Before, he would play happily while I got some stuff done around the house ( for like 20-30 min at a time), but now he screams the second I sit him down! I was thinking he could be teething...?


Bree - June 21

Hey S., Sam's the same way!!! Driving me crazy. lol


Ca__sieSong - June 21

Maybe it is a 6 month old phase thinge?? Hopefully?? Jen, that is how my dd is. Set her down and she'll yell at me. She already has her bottom two teeth.. don't know if the problem is that more teeth are coming in? She is still sleeping normally at night, so I don't know what it is. What do you do to try and entertain your lo? (Bree, I know Sam can sit and play for a while, lucky duck) ;-)


Ang - June 21

omg I thought my so turned into a demon! Yes he's the same way! LOL Though i have discovered the constanst melt-downs are due to 2 little teething pushing through.


LisaB - June 21

Ds gets that way when he doesn't have enough sleep then I have to carry him to the bathroom- he thinks its funny but I will increase his naps from two to three on those days and usually hes better.


hrsmith - June 21

My son is almost 8 months old and he does it once in a while too. I think they are learning how to get our attention. The manipulation has already begun:) It might also be teething. my son tends to be a bit more "clingy" when his gums hurt.


jessb - June 21

Could be teething I also read that they get more fussy during growth spurts and one usually occurs around 6 months.


SonyaM - June 21

Yep, mine did the same thing at that age. He's still like that now. I think it's teething, plus they are now so much more aware and becoming mobile. I think once they can sit up and crawl they get frustrated when they are limited.


AmandaManns - June 21

My son is 6 months old and he has actually become a better baby. He was a horrible newborn up until about 5 1/2 month all he did was cry. If he was not eating or sleeping he was crying and he could not occupy himself AT ALL. He is now sitting up unsupported by himself and he is almost starting to crawl so he can entertain himself a little longer THANKFULLY!


JEN - June 22

Hey Ca__sieSong- as far as entertaining my ds goes, I do whatever works for that moment LOL! He sits/crawls/stands up, so I get down and play on the floor w/him a lot. We have also been swimming and going for long walks (although it is getting too hot). He loves to play with bowls and wooden spoons in the kitchen while I cook, and I try to get him out of the house at least once per day (we are constantly at the grocery store LOL! the checkout girls know us personally!) Anyway, I just try to "distract" him from the teething pain- I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I also think he is getting a little seperation anxiety...sigh...


babyO - June 23

My son is almost 7 months and lately has been so clingy also...has no teeth so hopefully he is teething! He crawls around and will play by himself but if I leave the room forget it so I have to sing loud from the othe room and he is ok...but yes they are learning to be manipulators cuz I will spy at him from the other room and he will do a fake cry, look around and when I sdont appear he will go back to playinG!!!



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