Soother At Night

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Erin - December 22

My daughter has not had her soother to sleep with, and is now 4 months old. When I took her for her shots on Monday, she had a bit of a fever, so that night I thought it would be OK to let her go to sleep with the soother (since otherwise she was inconsoloable). Now she wakes up if she doesn't have it, and if I give it to her, I'm up every hour to put it back in. Any mommies let their babes have the pacifier at night? How did you cope? Did you have to get up everytime they lost it? How long did you let them have it for? Thanks for any help ladies!!


Sarah-Natalees mama - December 22

I give Natalee a paci at night and she sucks it for a while then it falls out but she doesn't wake up. I only time I have to put it back in her mouth is if she wakes up. She is almost 4 months and I don't know yet when I will take it away.


Erin - December 22

What I am really asking is how often do you have to get up to replace the pacifier?


Jbear - December 22

My daughter spits hers out constantly. I've quit giving her one and she has started sucking on her fists instead, which is pretty convenient because she can always get them into her mouth.


Marys Jaime - December 22

Oh my ... When we are trying to put him to sleep on his own - he needs his soothie, and easily we spent a whole hour putting it back in his mouth, until he falls asleep, then he looses the paci but does not care. I may have a solution for you: There is a dash only between soothie and pacifier. I am not sure what brand you use but his are called Wubbanubs and allow sotthies pacifiers to stay in place.


Jamie - December 22

Renity falls asleep with her paci - it falls out about 3 minutes after she's asleep, and that's it - she doesn't wake up til she wakes up. But, she is a really really really good sleeper.


momma - December 22

my dd only uses her soother when she sleeps but i think it is becouse of teething issues


Kerry - December 22

My girl still has her paci at bedtime which I'm soon going to take I hope she's almost 9 months but she spits it out after a few minutes but I did go through a fase when she was 4 months that I was up alot to give it back when it fell out but I think it was because she was teething and needed something to sooth her.It was very fustrating but it was better than her not sleeping at all.



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