Soother Or No Soother

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lin7604 - February 15

i get mixed messages with this one and don't know hat to do. some say get rid of it asap and other say no if it soother him then keep it. how do i get him to learn to self soothe? he does suck on his fingers during the day but i can't get him to do it when i want him to. Other times they aslo say that once you lo is 13 lbs or 3 months that they can go 6-8 hrs with out a feeding. well how can i do that as well, he sometimes wakes for 2 and occasionally one. very rare he has slept right through. he is 16 weeks and 18 lbs. i am so confused with what to believe and to do? help...


CyndiG - February 15

I'm a__suming you're talking about a pacifier. Neither of my girls took one. I just didn't give them one. They did fine. I believe that whatever you feel comfortable with is what's right. If he's completely dependant on it, then I might start scaling back a little, but again, you know what's best for him and what works. Good Luck!


Mommy_to_be - February 15

This is what I know about pacifiers...take it or leave it....most books say now that pacifiers should only be used until 4 months of age (which is when a baby is capable of self soothing). If you don't take it away by then, it will be a hundred times harder to in the future. - We decided not to introduce one at all because it didn't seem worth it to give it to her to get used to than just take it away - however, if your child starts to habitually suck his/her should give him/her a pacifier because it's possible to take away the pacifier...but not to take away their thumb! My father is a teacher and says he sees a couple of his students sucking their thumbs during cla__s...and this is HIGHSCHOOL! Around 4 to 6 months you are supposed to introduce a "lovie" - a blanket, stuffed animal, etc ...


lin7604 - February 16

thanks, that is exactually what i am worried about! how else can they learn to self soothe themselves to sleep? any other ideas i can try to teach him? my friends 5 year old still sucks his thumb when tired and they are having a hard time breaking it!


CyndiG - February 16

I was going to say (which is my answer when people criticize me about co sleeping) that they won't go to college with it, but highschool?? I don't know!! :O}



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