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Nicole1 - May 15

Hey ladies now that we have our little beans I hope we can continue talking over here. It has been a wonderful journey with you ladies and I hope to keep in touch.


Mel907 - May 15

Good idea, Nicole! I was just popping in for a hello. Emmylou is going through a growth spurt the last few days and just wants to eat, eat, eat! It's been really neat to have this group to share this experience with. Wow....from TTC to watching our little sweeties grow. I'm glad you're all here to share it with!


Camilla - May 15

Found you! It's nice we can go on talking here. Things are fine with us. Little Miss is doing great - 5 weeks old today. She's really starting to focus on people and sometimes stares intently at their faces for a while. She looks so serious while she does that, it's funny. I can't wait for her first smile! She can hold her head for a little while too. Nursing's going well and sleeping is fine but she sleeps best when she's right next to one of us. I guess that's not so good but it is very cute to see. She likes her baby carrier lots - and doesn't really like her swing. We'll see. Do any of you feel like you want to get a thousand things done, but just when you're up for it - baby needs you? I've realized now that if we want to go somewhere, we need to leave immediately after she's eaten, otherwise she'll need another feed and change 5 minutes into an outing. Oh well, it's all about organization, lol. Hope you're all well - just wish we knew about Bean. Nicole, hope your son feels better soon!!


Camilla - May 15

Girls, I just saw Bean posted her wonderful baby news on our old thread. Check it out!!! :-)


bean - May 16

Hi girls! Found you too! Will be reading daily but prob not posting much until I master 1-handed typing! :) Little one is a week old today - wow! Also - looking for your opinion on visitors/germs/immune systems, etc. Everyone wants to visit! I put my foot down finally and said NO. First time mom syndrome or are my concerns legit? Thx!


Monique - May 17

Hey Girls! Sorry I've been MIA, these first couple of weeks have kicked my BUTT!! Breastfeeding was such a challenge, I almost gave up! I called a bunch of lactation specialists to get quotes (roughly 100 bucks an hour) and that day Halo decided to latch and feed like she'd been doing it for years! Against our Pediatrician's suggestion we have started to supplement Isomil (soy formula) bottles at night. My dh has taken a few weeks off work because I was deliriously functioning and he's been doing the 2-6am shift. I LOVE HIM!!! For the past couple of days I've gotten 4 WHOLE HOURS OF SLEEP!! She feeds like every 90 mins.-2 1/2 hours AND she thinks she's a ROCK STAR 'cause she's sleeping all day and up partying ALL NIGHT!! Her cord stump fell off this morning, what did the belly b___ton look like for you guys--hers looks raw. Is that NORMAL?? Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. BEAN--YAY!! Congrats! TARA - I'm sooo happy for you!! Okay I'm gonna go stare at my beautiful sleeping baby now....I'm so in love!!!


Mel907 - May 17

Congrats, Bean!!! I'll have to pop over to the old thread to read your post. Glad your little one is here! Monique, I'm glad to hear that bf has improved. If you do end up needing an LC, look for your local WIC office - they have LCs available at no charge. I'm still struggling with bf.....sometimes she'll get a good latch but a lot of times she doesn't. I've had help and have tried all the tricks but I still just can't seem to get her to suck it in far enough and keep her mouth open far enough most of the time. Some days she's got it right, then the next, we're back to blistering. Sigh.....sometimes it just feels like we'll never get to where it won't be painful. Camilla, yep, the little one does often call just when I think I might get a little something done. She sure keeps me busy!


Tracyg - May 18

Well, I have finally found a minute to be able to sit down and write something. Of course, I should be cleaning or something since our house has totally become a pig sty. Anyway, I would much rather spend some time with you girls, so the house will wait. Melanie and Monique, I am with you on the b___stfeeding, no matter what I do, it still is very painful for me. She seems to be getting enough to eat and eats for awhile, but it is just so hard on me and I dread it everytime I know it is getting close to feeding time. It is not supposed to be that way, it is supposed to be this wonderful, precious bonding time between mother and baby, but for me I feel as though I just want to do it and get it over with. Anyway, we will stick with it and see how it goes, I am hoping it gets better or that I can get something to help me with the pain even though I have tried everything. Sleeping at night is getting better, she pretty much is up every 3 hours, so I can get about 2 hous of sleep in a row. She now has gas, so sheis a bit more cranky than usual and I feel bad, not sure what I ate, but am trying to cut things out that will make her gasy. Speaking of cranky, I hear my little one now. Bean, if I didn't say congrats, yay, seems we are all here safe and sound. Big hugs to you all!!!!


Tara S - May 18

Hi ladies, Just popped in to say hi. congrats bean on your baby girl. I had my Hcg checked last week and I was 103 at 4 weeks and 342 at 4 weeks 2 days. Doctor said they were doubling so I guess its a good sign. My first ultrasound is on June 1, Ill be 7 weeks 3 days. Im a nervous wreck, just praying for a healthy baby this time. I stressed with my first about b___stfeeding. It was so hard and she nursed every hour. I started pumping so hubby could do some night feedings. My son got nipple confusion though and I had to only pump and eventually give him some formula. I guess he liked the bottle better then b___st and it was a lot faster and I knew how much milk he was drinking. My first weeks with both my newborns were hard because they always wanted to sleep while nursing and they wouldent get enough milk and wake up every hour.It is wonderful bonding time though and it does get easier. take care ladies!


Nicole1 - May 19

Hey ladies, It seems like we are all having our trials. I am doing great b___stfeeding but my little guy wakes up every hour and is very hard to put to bed. When we go to bed for the night it takes me two hours before he will let me put him down and he is actually asleep. I have also figured out he was fussy because he wasn't getting enough sleep during the day. He was taking maybe 2 20 min naps all day. He would get so fussy I couldn't calm him down. I have read a book on sleeping and it said that they should go to sleep every two hours...They say that babies with colic can not sooth themselves so it takes me 1 hour to get him to sleep and most the time I have to hold him so he will stay asleep. When I put him down he wakes right up and is fussy. That boy is always in my arms....but he is less fussy when he sleeps. OK I did something bad my dh and I had s_x only 3 weeks after Campbell was born. Anyone else? I feel good so I think it will be ok...we will see. Tara I am soooooo happy for you. Please keep chatting with us. YOu are part of the family and I would love to follow you and support you through your pregnancy. Good deal on your HCG levels. I would love if you ladies told me how much your little ones are sleeping. I have also heard that cabbage leaves on your nipples is amazing. The other thing I am having a problem with is my dh and I have a different opinion on wether you pick up a baby or let it cry. I don't think at this age you should let your baby just cry. What do you think? What makes it hard is I am the only one ever picking him up...since my dh thinks we should let him cry it makes it really hard on me to be the only one holding him while he cries....don't get me wrong..dh says as long as he is fed and changed and comfortable then he just needs to get some frustration out. Well I hope everyone is hanging in there. CAMILLA and TARA how long was it before your babies slept 4-5 hours?


Tara S - May 23

Nicole, I remember those days. My daughter will be 5 in July and it seems like yesterday. My son slept really good from the day we brought him home. I thought I would go nuts with my daughter. She would not sleep and I would end up sleeping while feeding her. I took infant ma__sage and that did help. I learnt to rub her tummy in circles to release gas bubbles. I also had to really watch what I ate. Vegtables made her really ga__sy. I also went through lots of Ovol drops there an antiflatulent. I think I started them when she was a little older. Anouther trick is to take thier legs and push it towards thier bellies(bum off the floor). I would make them fart, but still be gentle he's pretty young. My daughter was so colicky that I tried everything and asked everyone. I felt also like I was feeding her every hour she would fall asleep while nurseing and wouldent get enough milk. I had to pump for my hubby to help feed because I was living on no sleep. It did get better after a few months and I moved her into my bedroom put up gaurds beside the bed and would bring her into our bed to nurse. I would fall asleep and she would be nursing in bed beside me. I know some wouldent agree with that, but it was all about surviving for me. When she got older she could latch on by herself in bed.My second was so easy, My son came home from the hospital and slept 6 hours at night and not ga__sy at all. He would eat and then he would be out for hours. I would have to wake him just to make sure he was nursing enough or he would have slept through feedings. After a few months he liked bottle better then b___st , so I would pump more then b___st feed him. Im 6 weeks 1 day today with very little nausea. I cant believe I actually want nausea, just for rea__surance. Im really scared of having another miscarriage, not as worried of Chromosomes this time. It was very rare what happed to Treya, miscarriage is far more common. I wish I could sleep through the next 7 1/2 months and wake up with a healthy baby. Im really tierd of being pregnant, this is my third time being in first trimester in 1 year. June 1 2205 was the day I went in for emergency D&C and its also my ultrasound day this year. Take care


Nicole1 - May 24

TARA I bet you are nervous. I don't think I will ever get pregnant again w/o that fear of loosing another one. I am sure everything will work out fine and you will have another beautiful baby in no time. We are all here for you. Thanks for the information about the sleeping...Things are getting better. I figured out my boy has type A personality...very demanding...and has a hard time self soothing. I am trying to read alot. I hope everyone else is doing well. Miss you all I think of you when I am up at night and wonder who is up with me.


Camilla - May 26

Hey girls. I read this thread every day but don't always get to writing. Tara, your HcG levels sound really good! Let us know how your first u/s goes. It's nice you stayed with the group and we can follow this pregnancy with you!! Nicole, about some of questions you had recently. I couldn't just let a very young baby cry either! I found that for years whether I had a baby at home or not, the cries of a young baby do stress me a little. It's just that it reminds me of my own babies, and a baby in distress upsets me! The first time I ever did let a baby cry for longer was when my eldest was maybe a year old and he would not sleep through the night. He woke up every 3 hours and wanted his milk. I was getting a bit desperate then, it seemed like everyone else's baby was sleeping like an angel and I was walking around like a zombie waking every few hours. One night I couldn't take it any more and I let him cry. Well, all I remember is that amazingly enough I fell asleep and I woke up in the morning to him smiling at me in his cot! After that he started sleeping through the night. It was amazing!! But I wouldn't let a really young baby cry, unless you are going insane with hours of screaming. There are stories like that on here, when babies cry for hours. Then I guess you really do have to take a break by allowing yourself a few minutes to eat, shower etc. without holding baby! But even if you do that, you still feel stressed. I think that a young baby should get rea__surance and comfort when he needs it, he can't learn to control his behaviour at that age! At the moment our new baby sleeps around 4 to 4.5 hours in one go in the night but she just has one long stretch like that. That's fine though, it's better than waking every 2 hours. Anyway, regardless of how our babies sleep now, they will go through some stage where they will suddenly sleep more, or sleep less, just when we got used to a pattern. And like Tara said, one baby can be so different from its sibling, even if you feel you're doing everything the same way. I think co-sleeping certainly helps some babies and if it helps them it helps you. It just depends on the baby and what works for you. Tracy, how is the feeding going? My nipples are definitely getting more, well, resilient now and are not so sensitive!! It often does get so much better, if you hang on. Bean how is the feeding/sleeping going for you two? Mel, what about you? Have things got better? Jodi, Emmakirsten any news? Our little girl is doing well, she is so cute. Her siblings are really good with her. I just found there's another mom with a baby a couple of months older, only a few houses away from me. At last someone with a baby close by. I wish we could all get together and see our babies for real. Oh well, if anyone heads this way...Have a good long w/end..


Jodi - May 27

Hey Girls! I had to go back to work this past Monday(22). I hate leaving J.T., but work is not as bad as I thought it would be. I do miss him so much during the day! He's growing, 2 weeks ago he weighed 10lbs 2oz. I can't believe how much they change. He's so beautiful, I just love it when he looks at me and smiles or just when he looks straight at me, it the most precious thing in the world. He is still getting up once in the middle of the night. He eats about 6 or 7 oz. now. If it's a good day he will go 6 or 7 hours between feedings, he's awake during the day and sleeps at night. He's such a good baby. I can say that being a mom is the best thing is the world. it's a feeling that can't be described and a feeling that I wouldn't change for the world. I love him so much! i'm glad to hear you girls are doing good! I miss not being able to get on here all of the time like i used to, but I just love spending all of my time with my baby now!!! Toodles


Jodi - May 27

you can go see pictures of him at- and there should not be any dash marks just / lines.


Tracyg - May 30

Hello girls, I can not believe how many times I mean to get on here and send a little message and then can't. Anyway, all is well here, Addison is sleeping better at night and now goes down for one stretch of 3-4 hours. She is up more in the day, but that is okay. My parents are here now, which has been a real help especially this week as my husband is off for 6 days on a military thing, glad I am not all alone! Nicole, how is the sleeping/fussiness going. I know that Addison is much fussier now then when she was littler. The other day she cried so hard she was not breathing - scared me half to death! swinging her in her car seat seems to help if we are out in public, picking her up and making shhhhing noises helps her here. She also likes to lay on her stomach on my chest, that seems to calm her quite a bit. My dh and I too have had a few differences of opinion about what to do. All I know is that in the video we watched in baby cla__s, they said that there is no way to spoil a baby this little and sometimes they just want to know you are there. I would not be able to let Addsion cry for too long right now, we let her cry two or so good ones, but then we pick her up. Feeding is better, still painful for me a little, but tolerable. I have my postpartum appointment on Thursday and I am going to ask the doctor about the pain. We are managing and she seems to be eating well, she is over 11 pounds now - I guess I have the porker of the group. The thing is she does not really look fat, just solid. I am still struggling to get picutes out to all of you, I had an e-mail written and Bean's picture page with one of Addison to send to you all and I could not get it to go out, I also can not attach pictures to my e-mail to send, so I am not trying to be a slacker, I just can not get it to work. Soon I will send some out. I do have to admit that she is really cute, but I have a bit of a biased opinion. My Mom asked me a retorical question the other day, she asked if I kne how much she loves me and I said, I do now!!! It is just amazing how much such a little thing can fill a person with such love, it is somewhat overwhelming sometimes! Anyway, I should go, I hope all is well with everyone! Take care and really big hugs! Oh ya, any good fathers day gift ideas?? Trying to think of something great, so far no luck! Bean - how are you doing?


Tara S - May 31

Ok guys I have had the most stressing weekend. Started spotting on Saturday and my obgyn did an ultrasound. I thought for sure I was having another miscarriage . I got to see the baby and its heartbeat was 120.I guess Im having a threatend miscarriage and I have a 50% chance of not miscarrying, but i have to take it easy. I had awful cramps last nite in my back and lower abdominals. Today I quite spotting and only have yellow discharge and so far no cramps. I have to go in on Thursday for my ultrasound and to see how this baby is doing. Doctor won't check my cervix to see if its open for fear that i will miscarry from that. I just hoping and praying for that little heart to keep beating.



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