Sophia S First Tooth

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Jbear - January 15

Sophia's been teething for so long that I had given up checking for teeth...but my mom came over today and felt around in Sophia's mouth, and there was the corner of a bottom front tooth! She'll be 5 months on Tues.


Erica - January 15

Nevermind whoever that is, congrats.. mine is 3 months with a tooth, not fun to go through for them or us huh? So congrats on the milestone:)


Eryn @ MN - January 16

You totally didn't deserve that disrespect. Anyways,thats exciting news! Is Sophia cranky or is she hanging in there? Hopefully she's feeling alright, that has to be painful for them!


Jbear - January 16

She's doing first had teeth at 2 months, so I kept expecting teeth sooner. I have to take some pictures before the tooth gets too noticeable...for those adorable toothless grins!


CEM - January 16

That's great Jbear! Hopefully, she's not in too much pain. My baby is teething now too, he has two on the bottom and is getting his canines in now. He looks like a little vampire! With you on the toothless grin, I'm sad I've seen the last of it..... there is nothing cuter!


Christy - January 16

I guess thr rest will start following now. :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 16

Oh how cute! She was born the same day as Lucas. I kep praying for a tooth for him! Sophia has been chalking up the milestones this past week or two! : )


KrisD - January 16

Hey Jbear - that's so cute!! I think we might be right behind you - Billy will be 20 weeks on Thursday. He no longer sleeps at night (I am hoping it's due to teething).... How has Sophia been at night time??


Jbear - January 16

Sophia still sleeps between 8 and 12 hours...I think the girls get it from their daddy, they both love to sleep.


karen - January 16

Congrats. Kodi is teething now at 4 1/2. Seen the two botton opnes not out yet. Cant wait love to see baby with tooth


FF - January 16



newmom - January 16

Dean has been teething since 2m too, now he is doing good..Congrats



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