Sore Little Bum

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ssmith - July 13

Do br___tfed babies get sore bums? For some reason, I didn't think they did. My daughter has had a red, bumpy rash on her bum for a couple of days now...and I cannot get rid of it. I let it air out, I put cream on every change...and goodness knows, I change her often enough (I also didn't think BF babies poop that often, but she does almost every hour!). Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions...I'd really appreciate it!


ConnorsMommy - July 13

i think whether babies are b___stfed or formula fed, they're going to get rashes... it's kind of inevitable... no matter how many times they're changed or bathed. my ds is getting over a pretty bad rash right now... his pediatrician said to use neosporin for 2 days (i usually use desitin)... i did and it didnt seem to help much.. i tried BALMEX... and it's working great!..after about two days of use, the rash is almost completely gone! :)


fasha12 - July 13

I use bag balm with just about every diaper change and my son has never really had a rash. It is cheaper than most diaper rash remedies and lasts forever. My son doesn't even know its on him. If I see a red spot on his bum I liberally apply it and within a couple of hours it is all gone. I love that stuff!!


ca_pink - July 13

Early on, our dd got a diaper rash. So we used desitin with zinc to get rid of it and then started to use balmex daily ointmet with every diaper change. She hasn't had a diaper rash since that first occurence.


ssmith - July 14

I've heard of Balmex, but I don't think they sell it in Canada :-(. Her toosh looks better this morning actually, and I am wondering if she is having an allergic reaction to the diapers. She wore a different brand last night to bed...has anyone's LO had a reaction to the diaper?


Sarahsmommy - July 14

Sometimes a bumpy rash is a yeast infection. You may want to check into this also.


violet29 - July 14

Could it be an allergy to her diapers? Have you tried switching brands?


Mommy - July 14

When my kids get diaper rash I use corn starch. It really helps.


sahmof3 - July 14

Adding to what Sarahsmommy said if it looks like pimples with whiteheads and the skin around them looks peely it could be a yeast infection. If so, check with your doctor- it can be easily cured with Lotrimin.


grandma - July 14

Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Bare bum often and for long periods. Put down a pee pad or big thick towel and go o'natural. Also add some baking soda to the bath water. In a small baby tub use approx. 1/4 cup. Cloth diapers during the day may also help. How old is baby? Teething also causes nasty rashes.


ssmith - July 14

I'll try the baking soda in the tub tonight! She's 2.5 months...


hello - July 15

nothing works better than sudocrem... if u have it there then i could not reccomend anything better



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