Sore Tailbone

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JenS - February 6

Hi ladies. It's been 5 months since giving birth to my ds and I still have a sore tailbone from giving birth! It must be bruised or something! Have any of you experienced this? If so, did it ever go away? thanks


bekysu - February 6

I know of a woman who broke her tailbone during childbirth. Talk to your OB


SuzieQ - February 7

I am going through the SAME thing and was going to post. I had my dd 4 months ago, and it didn't hurt for the first two months. Then last month it started to hurt after sitting down. I've been trying to really watch my posture, especially while bfing, but was wondering if I should get my doc to check it out. Anyone else out there with this?


cae - February 7

I agree with bekysu. I know someone also, whos tail bone got repositioned, but not broken, and it hurt her for up to 1 year.


JenS - February 7

I think I should go and get it checked out then... I though the pain would have been gone by now! Thanks ladies.


LisaB - February 7

My pelvic bone hurt for over 8 months the doctor said everything looked ok but s_x was painfully (sorry tmi) for over 8 months also sitting hurt bad. Time will heal it but call you doctor just to be safe.


JenS - February 7

Thanks Lisa B, I will call just to make sure! :)


sophandbob - February 7

I've had the same thing, making standing and sitting really painful. dr seems to think it could be epidural related. I had a c section so I know it wasn't through giving birth itself.


JenS - February 7

hmmm? That's interesting... it could very well be from the epi I had?


HANNAHs Mom - February 7 I know your pain. I have also been experiencing bouts of this on and off since last Fall. My doctor recommended physical therapy if the pain persists. Check out this site - w w w dot coccyx dot org - for some addtional info...


sophandbob - February 7

possibly might be. Mr dr has said that because my 1st epidural was ok, but the 2nd epidural needed to be stronger as I was taken for emergency c section and it took them 3 attempts before they gave up and I had a GA. Might be the case with you, especially if they tried more than once.


JenS - February 7

Wow, some people have resorted to removing their coccyx bone b/c it's so painful! I didn't think you could do that!



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