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lucienne78 - June 26

I'm sorry that this is off topic but I don't know anywhere else to ask this. I gave birth to my dd 11 weeks ago. I lost about 23 pounds within the first couple of weeks and now I can't lose a thing!! I've been working out 4-5 days a week and I've been doing the Weight Watchers diet, so I don't understand how I'm not losing anything. It just doesn't make any sense. Has this happened to anybody?? If so, when did it start coming off? Let me say that I'm not br___tfeeding. Please someone help!


babyO - June 26

I have been on the WW diet since March and have lost only 14lbs but it comes in spurts...some weeks I lost .4 only buyt then this week I lost 3lbs...keep at it cuz it works...just slowly (oh and i am bf too)


nic nac - June 26

same with me. Since giving birth January 1st I went from 245 to 195. It is coming off slowly. When will I ever reach 150. I am almost to my pre-preggo weight but I want to lose more. I am not b___stfeeding either. What worked before may not work not, I do know that much. I used to do WW and after the baby, it didn't work anymore so I tried southbeach, didn't work either. Now I just count calories and try to walk 30min a day. If good ole logic of eating less and walking doesn't work, then I give up. Some days I can't stick to it but I try. I don't starve myself though. While working it's easier for me to follow a good food plan. Sorry not really helping.


AprilMum - June 26

Sounds like you've just plateaued which means you need to kick you work-out up to a new level. If you do the same thing every day it eventually stops working because your body is used to it. You don't have to work out longer, just whatever you're doing add more resistance. Also, remember muscle weighs more than fat, and you've got to be gaining muscle from taking care of a baby.


lucienne78 - June 26

i've been working out with a personal trainer who switches it up at every session and still nothing. I'm so confused!!!


ash2 - June 26

i gave birth may 23, and dropped 45 pounds the first 4 weeks, and now i am kind of sitting at 195 pounds. it is very angering, but i think most of the pounds were from b___st feeding and swelling. not to mention baby and placenta and fluid.


Annette - June 26

Don´t get frustrated, take that from Frustration Queen. I managed to stay on the 25 lb line while pregnant and after I gave birth, I had exactly the same weight on. Not even my baby´s 5 lbs less. After that, for the first 2 months I lost NOTHING (and I am bf). Month #3 I lost only 2 lbs and now at month #4 I lost 4 more. I read some women lose weight faster after 6 months and I am starting to believe it.


babyO - June 26

LOL! I hope that is true!!! I still need to lose another 10lbs to be my prepreg has been so slow coming off...though I was bare and wore a bikini to the pool, my husband said it looked way better then a 1 piece...though I was sucking in the tummy a lot...


babyO - June 26

Opps meant to write i was brave and wore a bikini! Didnt mean to imply I was "bare" LOL! I dont think that would go over well at a family pool...Oh and i am not bragging about wearing a bikini...I just didnt really care if people saw some tummy bulge and stretch marks ;o


lucienne78 - June 26

I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one that this is happening to. Whenever I ask my doctor about it, she looks at me, smiles, and says don't worry. That's it!! No explanation or anything, which is even more annoying. BabyO - I'm not that brave, yet. I still have 10 pounds to lose before I even look at a bathing suit.


JH - June 26

Is it possible that you're gaining back muscle tone? Muscles weighs twice as much as fat, so maybe you're just getting in better shape. (That's the excuse I'm sticking with.)


Shea - June 27

I'm glad to hear other people are going through this too. I have a bridesmaids dress that I HAVE to fit into by August 11 and so I have been very diciplined (both diet & exercise) for the last month and I have lost some, but not like I used to. I had to get fitted for the dress 10 days after giving birth, so I pretty much had to guess at a size to order. It can be zipped up finally (quite the accomplishment) - so who needs to breathe? I say just keep at it & good luck!


Christy - June 27

lucienne78- I know you aren't bf, but has your milk supply completely dried up yet? Maybe it is a hormonal thing. It may take a few months for everything to go back to normal hormonally, and that may be why your body is hanging onto those extra pounds. Don't forget that for more permanent weight loss, you probably shouldn't be losing more than 2-3 lb a month anyway. Give it time. It sounds like you are doing all of the right things.


Ginny - June 27

I just remembered something I learned from college nutrition. It seems like I remember that our bodies sometimes get the wrong idea when we diet, and go into "famine" mode, slowing the metabolism to hang onto excess weight. Does anyone else remember something about this?


Tillie - June 27

So glad to read this!! I gained about 30 pounds while pregnant and lost half of it right after having the baby. It's been three and a half weeks now since she was born and not a pound more lost. I was confused--I thought most of it came off right away! But I see that isn't the case...I guess in another couple of weeks I should think about quitting the pint-a-day of coffee almond swiss ice cream.


babyO - June 27

30lbs? I gained about 65!!!! I went from being 145 to almost 210lbs!!! I am down now to 154.4..Next preganancy I am def not going to go crazy eating everything in sight!!!


Tillie - June 27

BabyO, how did you lose all that weight? That's fantastic. My mom gained about 65 pounds when she was pregnant, too, and carried a lot of it for years. So speaking of weight/eating--is anyone who's b___stfeeding finding you're STARVING all the time? I am way hungrier than I ever was pregnant...I'd love to know if this is normal!



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