Soy Formula

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Katie - November 9

I called my doc yesterday because my 6 week old daughter seems to have gas constantly which causes her to fuss all the time. Without hesitation my doc told me to switch to soy formula and then call him in 3 days. I reluctantly switched her yesterday and she seems to be doing better, but I am not 100% comfortable with it. Does anyone else use soy?? How will this effect her eating habits when its time for milk and other dairy products?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 9

My cousin put her daughter on soy right out the gate as a newborn and she had not problems with dairy or switching to milk at about 9 mos. I know a lot of people who had to switch to soy for tummy troubles and eventually were able to switch back to the regular or go on to milk with no issues. I was told it usually does not affect that. We determined my son was allergic to soy and would have probably been allergic to the regulars as well, but that while the chance is there for him to continue to have soy allergies out of infancy, it is much more likely he will outgrow it altogether. He is on the hypoallergenic formula now and doing fine. I wouldn't worry about it. They usually outgrow the lactose intolerance.


Jadyns Mommy - November 9

My daughter has been on Soy since I stopped b___stfeeding at 10 weeks and she has not had any problems. She is now 6 months and it has had no affect on her starting solids but I havent started her on milk or any other dairy yet. I know a few other people whose kids had no issues with dairy once they reached a year old and they were on soy formula as well so I am not too worried about it.


Sonya - November 9

My was on Soy formula for the entire year and he has never had any problems with milk. In fact he drinks too much milk!!!! We have to limit his consumption (he is three and half) because if we let him he would just drink milk all day and not eat!


desiree - November 9

my son has been on soy since 3 months b/c of allergy issues. He is doing wonderful on it. I didn't want to switch either, but he is happy and healthy at 7 months now. when I switched his fussines during a feed and the spitting up were all gone!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 9

My daughter is on soy (STINKY!!!) and has had no problems. She was on Enfamil Lipil with iron and had some ear infections so we hat to switch to lactose free b/c of diarrhea, and then she just would not make the switch back to reg. formula so she has been on soy for 2 months now. She is doing great, but we have still not started dairy products. I do know that when you start solids, our doc recommended that Amaya have a few bites of plain yogurt.


Katie - November 9

Thank you ladies for yor responses. I feel better knowing that others are doing well with the soy. This only her second day on it and already her fussiness is less. Has anyone ever herd of or had any negative experiences with soy??


:) - November 9

hi ive taken care of a lot of babies who had to switch to soy because of allergies or intolerance and they do wonderful :) good luck


Louise - November 13

I read an article in a health maganzine recently that shows new test studies that prove for the first time that soy is very unhealthy for babies and adults, but more so for babies. I am a vegetarian and would like to some day soon go vegan. Unfortunately, the way soy is processed and over used in the United States is a big health concern for everyone. We are always given example of how healthy the Japanese are and they eat soy, but they have other health issues that we do not. Plus, the type of soy, the way it's processed and the minimal use of it in their diets is also a factor. Long story short the research shows that we should stay far away from Soy based baby formula. Sad news for us anti-diary types.


melissa - November 13

I am 25 and was a soy baby, and I have no problems with dairy products. I do have a sensitive tummy, but that may be why I was on the soy way back when. My mom said the downside was that I spit up all the time. No idea, though, if soy today is same as soy back then.



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