Spanking Do You Plan On Doing It

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wondering - November 5

I just thought this might be an intresting topic.(obviously not until you child is old enough)We haven't decided yet. At first I thought we would use that as a form of discipline but after reading info on it I don't think we will.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 5

This topic will be just perfect for all of those who like to jump on everyone. It goes right in tow with questions like bottle or b___st, co sleep or not. Everyone will get so riled up and judgemental. Well, not everyone, most people here are very fair and do not judge. Anyway, I will spank my child from time to time once he is old enough to reason and if there is a good need for it as I see fit. My child will never be beaten. I think that if more kids were spanked we would have more well behaved kids running around instead of spoiled crazies like on nanny 911, where do they get those unruly kids? Lucas will be spoiled rotten, no doubt, and I am glad because he is so loved, but he will also have respect for others and know how to behave like a civilized person. And I will try to teach him not to judge a book by its cover. I am for a spanking, not a beating, every now and again. I got spanked few times in my child hood, and for good reason when I look back. Rest a__sured I never did those things again. But that is not the only discipline for sure. There are all sorts of methods to use. Again, it is up to each family to discipline how they see fit according to their children's behavior. It is a personal choice and everyone is entiltled to their own lifestyle and opinions! I feel better now, I will get off my soapbox.


angela - November 5

i have to agree with Rachael this is my first baby so i dont have any experience but i think spanking its a way to discipline, i dont believe in beating your kids but a little spank its ok to me. i will also try the time outs. i dont want my daughter to be like those kids on nanny 911. i love her to death but i want to be able to go out in public with her and not be embarrased by her behavior.


Jamie - November 5

I would prefer not to spank my child, and it will always be a last resort. But, if other methods of discipline fail, then I will spank.


Toya - November 5

Yes, this is a very interesting topic. In the Old Testament, God commanded death for children disrespecting their parents...Thank God for a better covenant!! But for me as a parent, I believe in communicating and teaching through words and by my example. Spanking would be reserved for appropriate times... Usually children treat their parents the way the parents treat each other, so I would look at what I'm doing as a parent...If Asjani reaches for a hot plate, her hand will definitely get a tap!..better that than a burn...


Lissi - November 5

I hope I will never have to resort to spanking Nadya. I would feel like a total failure as a parent if I did, but in the heat of the moment, who knows what can happen? I don't think it's a good way to teach right from wrong. I will try giving her time out, whilst she's young and removing privileges when she's older.


Jbear - November 5

I'd like to see what everyone thinks about it in a couple of years...I don't think anyone ever looks at their newborn and thinks, I'm going to have to spank you someday. Time outs and good communication are good methods of discipline, but not all kids mature enough to understand those methods by the time they get old enough to be a danger to themselves. When my daughter was 2 she ran into the street and nearly got hit by a car. I chased her down and took her inside and spanked her once on top of her diaper. Then I put her in her room, went in my own bedroom and cried and cried, because I had always told myself I would never spank. There have been a couple of times since then that she's done something dangerous enough to warrant a spank, but as she gets older I am more able to reason with her. I don't think spanking means you're a failure as a parent...sometimes it's very hard to do, but I'd rather have a kid with a spanked bottom than a kid run over by a car.


Lissi - November 5

Well, teaching them about danger is a different matter all together. I thought we were just talking about kids being naughty. I really don't know how I'd react if Nadya had a brush with death.


Heidi - November 5

When all else fails, you bet! I got spanked when I was a child and I'm not all screwed up...I don't think. Ha! But when it comes to my child being disrespectful and nothing else works, I won't feel bad about a good ole spankin! I know she'll be spoiled rotton as she's my only child but that doesn't mean she won't get a spanking every once in a while if she's got it coming.


TC - November 5

Wow!! I am shocked that the anti-spankers did not come out swinging at anybody yet!! LOL!! Well, this is my first child and I know that there will be times when I will spank him. Spanking is not my goal, and being an educater I believe that it can be avoided. But then real life comes into play and my Danny is going to get spanked, especially since he is the first know the test baby. I do not believe that anyone should get beat at all. I was beat as a child and it made me feel horrible.


Mommy - November 5

I remember being spanked as a kid. If it calls for it, which it hasn't, I will spank my boys as a last resort. Some people say time outs or talking, but after saying no and moving him 5 or 6 times, I would say a tap on the bottom would be in order. Most people who say spanking causes your kids to be scared of you, but I just remember being scared of the spanking, not the one doing it. I never really thought of that being my parents. Also, I knew when I was going to get spanked for something, which meant most the time I knew it was wrong and did it anyway.


Claire - November 5

We live in New Zealand.."spankings" are something which few people ever do. Our crime rate, abuse rate, teen suicide rate, teen pregnancy rate is MUCH< MUCH lower than it is in the USA. Just a point to note. Why would it ever be right to hit someone smaller than you. try on ideas about more loving ways to guide your child


C - November 5

When they are too young to understand other forms of punishment you might have to tap them to get your point across. For me I tend to take things away as punishment and that seems to work. If it didn't, then I might have to think about spanking. Just the threat of a spanking might be enough? However, I'd never do some of the things my parents did to us. In these days I think my mom would have lost her children to child services.


Jbear - November 5

The threat of a spank will work, once the child has been spanked. I think we should define "spanking" for this discussion as an open hand hitting a b___t. Hitting with an object (coat hanger, wooden spoon, belt, shoe, etc) or hitting somewhere other than the b___t seems more like beating than spanking, at least to me. I agree with C...a lot of the things my parents did could have gotten them in trouble with CPS.


Jamie - November 6

To Claire - your country's population is also smaller than that of the U.S. With a population of 4,035,461, according to Google, your country is smaller than most of our cities. No wonder the crime rate is lower.


Jamie - November 6

Just for giggles, US population: 295,734,134


Jamie - November 6

Oh, and change "most of our cities" to "some of our cities"



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