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pinkbo0tlace - March 12

There is a family friend that once in awhile, is my backup daycare. Very nice lady, love her. But, she recently got a PIT BULL!!! Scares me...I am thinking about not asking her to backup daycare anymore because I don't want to run the risk of my two year old or three month old getting attacked, even though its just a puppy, and so far, nice. Am I being a little over the top?


SonyaM - March 12

No you are not being over the top. My children would never go to someone's house that had a pit bull especially if I wasn't there to monitor things. She can come to your house if need be..


Nerdy Girl - March 12

You're not being over the top at all. I would never in a million years let my kids near a pit bull. Sorry to all of you guys from the last thread who love pit bulls, but that's just the way I feel. I am not a fan of large dogs around my kids, period. My parents don't babysit my kids at their house anymore since they got a chocolate lab when I was 7 mos pregnant with my 2nd child. Now they babysit my kids here. The dog seems sweet, but it is just ma__sive. It has already knocked my dad down the stairs and pulled my mom over and dragged her when they were walking outside. It gets so excited to see people when they come over that it jumps on everyone. The dog actually scratched my eye with it's nail while I was standing upright. Like I said, I think this dog is probably sweet but it is just way too big and hyper to be around my 4 year old and 15 month old.


Mellissa - March 12

nope.. not at all. I don't even leave my kids alone with anyone with ANY KIND of dog. I am not a dog person, though.


Lchan - March 12

No, you aren't being over the top. CNN.com reported two pitbulls attacks that killed children in the past 3 weeks. In both instances the owners decribed their dogs as loving and this behaviour out of the ordinary. Hello? Its not out of the ordinary any more than it is for a horse to run or an otter to open its food with a rock.


luviduvi - March 12

I'm still in shock how long the other pit bull thread has been going! HeeHee!


aurorabunny - March 12

Well I think everyone knows my stance on this issue so I'm not going to go into any further detail to waste an effort on changing anyone's opinions that don't want to be changed. It hurts me to hear the things I am hearing, but people will believe what they believe and any anger I feel from hearing these things is, as always, directed towards irresponsible pit owners, dog fighters, breeders, and the media. All I will say is that NO dog would be able to hurt your lo as long as they were seperated and never left alone together, so you might look into it and still use her as daycare as long as is adamant and responsible about keeping the puppy and kids seperated or extremly supervised. If she is not worried about intense supervision and gets casual about letting the pup and kids be together, I would def. find another means of daycare.


JenniferB - March 13

I wouldn't leave my babies there unless she kept the dog completely away from them. Dogs in every breed bite, however, when they do how much damage do they do? Obviously a small dog won't do as much damage as a ma__sive muscular dog. As a kid I had a doberman that bit but had several other dogs that were totally docile. I don't agree that it is always a bad owner. People can raise four kids and have three be wonderful and one could be a criminal. Just as there can be bad tempered people, there can be bad tempered dogs. Pit bulls have a bad name because when they do attack it results more often in serious injuries than other breeds. I think the media reports when anyone is killed by an animal regardless of what type it is.


aurorabunny - March 13

JenB....you should check into what you said about the media reporting all animal bites, no matter the breed. I don't mean this offensively, but you couldn't be more wrong. The media is a major player in the "bad rap" of pit bulls. I used several examples in the other pit bull thread. Either way I agree with you about the daycare....it's just not something I would have to worry about when I wasn't there. It's a little different when it's your dog at your own home, but I just wouldn't want to have to stress about it all the time pink.....


JenniferB - March 13

aurorabunny, I am not talking about just bites. I am talking about serious injury or death. I agree with you that there are dogs in every breed that bite. All I am saying is that most dogs are not as powerful as a pit bull and don't do as much damage when they do bite. So I don't think that pit bulls bite more often than other dogs, I just think they get more media because the end result is often worse. I do see what you are saying and I know that probably most pit bulls from good homes are not likely to do anything to deserve the reputation that they have.


rl- - March 13

I am most likely gonna get it for saying this but yes you are being over dramatic pit bulls are not bad dogs it is the dumba__s morons that raise them that turn them mean...a pit bull is not just going to go nuts and attack it's owner or any other animal bottom line. They are very sweet loving dogs and also very loyal to their family I know this for a fact I have had alot of pit bulls and none I repeat none of them have ever even attempted to hurt me or anyone for that matter. I am sorry any dog can attack given the right circ_mstances and if they are put on a chain day in and day out with no love or attention they are gonna not be great pets but if they are treated like part of the family and taken care of they are not going to attack you. So can we please get off the pitbulls unless you have one then you really have no right to put them down and if you did have one you would not put them down cause then you would see what a great dog they really are and another thing so many people lable a mix breed mutt as a pit bull when in fact they may not even be a pitbull I have seen that on tv so many time they talk about how a pitbull attacked someone and then they show a picture and it won't even be a pit. Just shows how stupid people really are!!


sahmof3 - March 13

I agree ash2. If any dog's not brought up around kids there's no telling what sudden movement, noise, etc. that kids do will upset a dog. Anyway, the only experience I have had w/ a pitbull is our neighbors'... 2 doors down... a bunch of 19-20 year old single guys rent a house and they are the irresponsible party type. The police have had to be called 3 times because the dog was wandering the neighborhood! They supposedly keep the dog in the house usually, but when they are out they put her on a chain on their clothesline (yeah, that's going to hold a pit bull... real smart!!!). Anyway, one day I was taking a walk with my kids and we got near their house and the dog came around the side of the house and onto the road (its owners weren't home)... my son was riding his bike ahead of me, while I pushed the younger two in the stroller. Anway, the dog got in b/w my son and I and started growling at me!!! I was never so scared. I was praying and trying to keep calm. I told my son to stay still and not ride his bike at all, while I slowly turned the stroller away from the dog, so I was in front and not my younger two... in the stroller.... and also right at the dog's face level.. After about 2 minutes the dog just walked away. I called the police after that. It hadn't attacked, but that dog needs to go IMO, but the police came, called the owners and had them come home and put the dog in (again) and that was all they could do. So, trust that pit bull?? NEVER!


Kara H. - March 13

There are several dog breeds that are being "ruined" by bad breeders. They are breeding the animals that shouldn't be bred do to poor temperment. A responsible breeder will only breed dogs with personalities/attributes that are favorable. Part of the breeders are just flat out idiots and breed dogs to be aggressive, and the other half are greedy and want to capitalize on the breeds popularity so they turn out as many puppies as they can. There are still good pitbulls, rotweilers, german shepards, etc out there that are coming from selective reputable breeders, but these are also the dogs that have very salty price tags and the breeders will not sell to just anybody. Unfortunately a lot of these dogs that enter the population are from bad breeders and go to bad owners. So because of that, it is best to err on the side of caution and a__sume that you are dealing with a less than sellar dog and take appropriate action to keep your children away from them.


mosley12 - March 14

nope. i wouldnt leave ds anywhere with any type of dog i didnt trust. my aunt got mad when we were home visiting because i wouldnt take ds to her house..she has a pit and schnauzer..the schnauzer was the one i didnt want around ds for the most part, but i didnt want him around the pit to much either, and ive know the pit since he was a puppy. when i left ds at my moms house for a few hours, i made sure she would be careful of her dashound around him (even though he never showed any aggression whatsoever towards the baby) if you dont feel comfortable, regardless of its a pit bull or a bird, than just dont leave your los there..and rl-a dog can be raised perfectly well and have aggresive tendancies. a few weeks ago, a little girl was killed in my moms town by a family pit..who had been there her whole life, and they family said they never expected it and the dog had always been such good temperament. and my neighbor isnt a moron, and look what her pit did..and we all know pits arent the only ones who can hurt or kill, but because of the way there jaw just locks, there bites can be worse. the vet said if it hadnt have been a pit, the german shepards leg wouldnt have been as bad as it was.


aurorabunny - March 14

Ahh I forgot to add that in my other post, that is one of the biggest myths is that pit bulls have "locking jaws". They don't. Their bites are shown to exert no more pressure per pound than any other large breed dog, in fact other breeds bites were tested as exuding more pressure. Just the facts from me....oh and Kara H., you are very right, breeders are a large part of this problem. I'm against breeding of any kind, there are far too many homeless and abused animals in this world, ESPECIALLY pit bulls, and I don't think pit bulls should be bred at all, period.


mosley12 - March 14

oh really? the vet told my neighbor that if it had been any other dog besides a pit, it wouldnt have been as big??


mosley12 - March 14

*as bad..sorry, i have what not to wear on and they are talking about a big green plastic mini!



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