Special Laundry Detergent

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JennyC - January 13

Do I really have to use special laundry detergent for the baby's clothes? She's not born yet, so if she ends up having a bad reaction to the stuff we usually use, I'll definitely go get something more gentle. But my question is, do most babies really need the special, expensive laundry detergent? thanks


momma - January 13

I dont use anything special for, for dh, dd, and I, I buy tide free it doesnt have any scents or dyes in it, Id say stick with what you use unless you start to see a rash then try an extra rinse (if we get anything other than tide free dh gets a reash with long term use)the estra rinse might get out the remaining residue that causes the rash, if baby still has a rash then try the baby stuff good luck and congradulations


Kristina - January 13

I have been using ivory snow for Tasias clothes...just incase...But when this last bottle is used up I don't think we will buy anymore. She is 2 months old now and I was just worried about the first couple months....but she doesn't have any reactions to our clothes from holding her..so I doubt it is really nessisary. I think some babies do react though, so if your baby does get rashes from it's clothes then maybe try a special baby soap and see if it makes a difference.


KrisD - January 13

When I was in the hospital, the doctors told me that nothing could be worse than what the hospitals use (the baby being all swaddled up in the hospital blankets of course) and that we should go ahead and use what we usually do at home. But like Kristina said, if you see a rash, try something more gentle.


Jadyns Mommy - January 13

We still use Baby All for Jadyn and its not much more expensive then regular detergent. A few of her clothes have accidentally made it in with ours and she hasnt had any reaction but I plan to keep using the milder stuff until she is about a year old just to be safe.


Jenn... - January 13

It is best to get something that is more gentle but you do not necessarily need Dreft. Make sure you do not use fabirc softener on baby clothes since it removes the flame retardant!


Shelly - January 13

I also use baby All and sometimes I buy Baby Dreft.I did use the Dreft for the first month and washed the carseat/swing cover /and the fabric from the bounce chair with it,Oh and all the beddings too!!



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