Spin Off Things You Said You WOULD Do But Don T

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Jamie - June 23

Perhaps won't be as successful as Narc's thread, but there you have it. I thought I would teach my daughter sign language, but I didn't. I swore I would keep a journal of her every minute, along with photos as she grew - heh, that flew out the window once I actually became a mother.


jas - June 23

I, too, said I would keep a journal. Take a ton of pictures, keep up with his baby book... The same things I wanted to do with my other son but didn't... I ended up writing him a letter instead of journal writing once a year for him to have when he is 21. I should do that with this one. I also said I would b___stfeed with this one since it didn't go well with my other son. He had latching issues. This one had NO problem - the problem was with me. Had problems with milk supply and several other things so I didn't get to do it with this one either.


Rabbits07 - June 23

Guilty of the journal thing....it is a shame how many baby books I have that only have like 2 pages filled in! So, I quit buying baby books and thought I would just keep a notebook journal with Mason...I think the last time I wrote in it was when he was 6 weeks so I'm a little behind. ladies, I attribute it to the fact that we are spending so much time with our babies that we just don't have time for other such things ;-)


Narcissus - June 23

I swore I would make all of my son's baby food but I also found jars to be the easiest. I made some of his food but not all. Also, I swore I would be a die hard b___stfeeding mom but I gave it up quite easily and prefered formula to bf. I had a medical reason to not bf but I did not feel as badly about it as I thought I might.


Christy - June 23

I too thought I was going to be diligent about the baby book and picture-taking, but I haven't been that good about it. :) I also thought I was going to get on a great pumping routine, but that hasn't rally ahppened. I just pump when I absolutely need to.


pbj - June 23

I also thought I would have already had several memory books filled, write every milestone down the moment she did it. Now I can't even remember when she first sat up, rolled over or smiled. Bad mama!


Ginny - June 23

I know this is more about me than the baby, but I thought that I would be on a great exercise regimen to stay in shape to live longer for my children, to be a good example for them, blah, blah, etc. Now I get my exercise running around the house trying to remember what I was doing.


HannahBaby - June 23

There are tons of things that i said i would do......and never did. I wanted to go back to work full time nights after i had the baby, Me and my husband would fight about it all the time because i said that she would spend the nights that we both worked at my mothers. As soon as she was born i looked at her and said to my husband "shes not going ANYWHERE" I never went back to work, and she never ever has spend the night anywhere and has only had a handful of day sitters in 17 months. Thats really the only thing that i said i would do and didnt. I did her baby book, i keep a journal that i write in about once a week. Hannahs got it made, she rules the roost. We get up when she wants to, goes to bed when she wants to, eats and plays when she wants to. My husband and i were really strict with a bed time but now we just let her go to bed when she wants to.


TC - June 23

I was going to b___stfeed until he was a yr...I had a problem with latching on and only pumped. I stopped when he was about 4 months. I was going to take him to get professional pictures a few times in his life...haven't done it once. He only has the ones that were taken in the hospital. Oh I was going to go back to work when he was 3 months. HA! There are many others but I'll spare you guys. :D


Sarahsmommy - June 23

I said the baby would eat what I eat and I would just blend it up, that hasn't happened. I also planned to make all her baby food, I did that 2 times but it takes up to much time. I also was ONLY going to b___stfeed until she wanted to stop. I had to supplement in the beginning with formula and now that she's 6 months old I no longer pump, it's too time consuming, and she gets formula.


austinsmom - June 23

yep I am guilty of saying I would keep a journal and nope....I vowed I would take at least a picture everyday and nope....I swore that I would walk after 6 weeks and just take lo in stroller havent went walking once!!! I was set on our family going to church regularly after lo born and havent went to church once (sunday morning hubby get lo and I get to sleep in)


babyO - June 23

hehe that is me too! I swore we attend church as a family and we have only been once and that is only cuz my mom guilt tripped us! Plus I have no excuse...a catholic church was just built across the street!


HANNAHs Mom - June 23

I always swore that I would keep up my appearance as far as always styling my hair and dressing nice all the time. Reality checked in once I actually had kids. I am lucky if I get the chance to shower everyday! it is much more convenient [life-saving] to throw my hair up, wear comfy "child friendly" clothing and just let loose and have fun with my girls.


nic nac - June 23

oh this is great too Jamie!! I said I would bf for atleast 6 months, that only lasted 2 months. I also thought I would keep up with the baby book and journal but it only lasted 3 months. I also swore I would exercise like a maniac and be on a strict diet but huh, i am still the size of a house.


JEN - June 23

Dido for the journal/baby book thing- at least I am not alone! I also thought I would BF until at least 6 months, but ds is allergic to lactose, so that only lasted until about 3 months. I swore we would go to "mommy and me" cla__ses every week, but somehow we manage to entertain ourselves everyday together... I am proud of the fact that I do take TONS of pics each week, and I have been working out since he was 2 months old (although this is totally cancelled out by my HORRIBLE diet LOL!) And for the record- we did try to go back to church, but after all the evil looks we got from the old folks when he made even a peep, we have not been back : (


JEN - June 23

OH! And an added tidbit about myself- I swore that I would be a SAHM who got up each day and fixed my hair/put on make-up/dressed cute...yeah...I think my spit-up stained boxer shorst say it all!


BaileysMummy - June 24

I said I would always use cloth nappies at home. I didn't do it once! Disposables are so much better.



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