Spit Up Through Nose And Bloody Finger

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Christy - November 25

Okay- this is two questions in one. First, I have noticed that my son will occssionally spit up through his nose. Is this nomal? Next, my DH's aunt and my dad insisted on trimming Ben's nails yesterday and ended up cutting the tip of his finger. It bled for a few hours. Is that normal? Same thing happened when he had his heel stuck for a blood test.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

Lucas has spit thru his nose a couple of times when he projectile vomited. I think it depends on the force of the spit up. It may be normal for you baby. About the bleeding, I would ask a doc just to be sure, because Lucas had the heel test twice and I accidentally clipped his skin with the nail trimmers and he did not bleed for more than a minute or so.


Shelly - November 25

Jesse has spit up through his nose maybe 3-4 times.He hasn't done that for the last 2 months (he is 16 weeks).With the finger issue,I agree with Rachael,you may want to ask a doctor about it.Was the cut very bad??


monica - November 25

my son will already be 4 months tomorrow and this happened in a long time but this has happened a few times in the past. From what I know if it comes through the nose then its vomit not spit up. So if this happens a lot I would speak to your doctor. I am not sure about the bleeding ask the doctor as well.


Lissy - November 25

Oh yeah, Nadya spits up through her nose. She gets quite upset about it, and afterwards she gets milky boogers. Blurgh! I hate cutting her nails. I put it off for ages, but she was scratching me to pieces, so I had to. She screams and cries when her arms are being restained in any way, so it's hard to tell if I'm hurting her or not. Haven't actually cut her yet, but the way she struggles, it's only a matter of time. I can't even do it when she's asleep, because she'll only sleep well if we swaddle her. It's a real problem.


FF - November 25

My son hasn't spit up through his nose, but I can see how it could happen- probably nothing to worry about. As for the finger, I've cut him once and it didn't bleed long. I think the other ladies are right in saying talk to your doc. Can I just say that I'm a little relieved to find that I'm not the only momma to have had this accident? When it happened he was just a little over a week old. He cried for two minutes- I cried for two hours!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

LOL! My son didn't even notice but I swore I was never cutting his nails again, I felt so horrible. He too, does not like to be restrained, and it is difficult. Needless to say, I have done it again, since if I don't he scratches himself and me!


Christy - November 25

Thanks again, ladies! I am going to call the doc about the bleeding. I think I know what is causing it. I take baby aspirin for a clotting disorder I have (I have a propensity to clot in my small blood vessels.) I wonder if it is pa__sing to Ben through my b___st milk and causing his blood not to clot as quickly. I'll let you all know if you are interested.


Shelly - November 25

Yes,please let us now.Thanks!!!


desiree - November 25

I don't know anything about the bleeding, but I file my son's nails with an emery board. It works so well for us, he even holds (kinda) still for it!


Christy - November 26

Well, the nurse at the doc's office said baby's fingers are full of blood vessels and bleed a lot. She felt I should have applied direct pressure to the bleeder for ten minutes. She also though the baby aspirin could be contributing as well. Basically, I was told not to worry and to but some Neosphorin on it. I hope she is right.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 26

Good, at least it isn't serious. These kids like to give us a good scare don't they?


Shelly - November 26

Thanks Christy for the feedback!! Glad to know your son is doing fine,give him a big kiss XXXX


Christy - November 27

Thanks again. You know what is amazing? How quickly his cuts and scratches heal. So cool.



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