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stefkay - July 29

Hi, I was wondering if my baby spits up a lot if she might have acid reflux? She is pretty good overall, but goes through spurts where she cries shortly after I feed her (I've been much better about burping her lately and I know that has helped the situation a LOT), so I tend to just feed her again when she cries like that because that isthe only thing that calms her. I notice then that she is probably eating too much (?) because she spits up 2 or 3 times after each feeding. Sometimes a lot and sometimes very very little. She doesn't seem in pain over this, it just comes out and she acts like she doesn't even notice it. She does get fussy though sometimes shortly after feedings so I don't know what to think. I told her pedi about the spitting up and they didn't seem concerned. I read on another thread here about sleeping on backs and whatnot with acid reflux and it got me wondering...


DDT - July 29

It sounds like she has gas pain after feeding and that is why she fusses. Some spitting up is normal. Continue burping her and maybe giving some gas drops if she gets really fussy. You can help lessen the amount of spit up by keeping her upright for 30mins after a feed, and instead of patting her back when burping rub her left side up and down. Is she BF? if so you may need to see if eliminating certain foods from your diet will help.


mjvdec01 - July 29

Also, if you lay her at an incline and work her legs in a bicycle motion, that will help her to work out the gas. I did that with our daughter and it works for out son too. As far as sleeping on her back, you could get a sleep positoner that will keep her at an incline. Are you burping her atleast twice with each feed. I have to burp Nathaniel three times per feed, and it works wonders.


stefkay - July 29

Thanks guys! I have so many questions it's not even funny...ok, yes she is BF exclusively and I burp her after each b___st (so about 2 times, sometimes 3 if she gets fussy while on one b___b--I'll burp her and put her back on it if it's only been like 10 mins. or so). Also, I have a boppy chair that she sits in during the day a lot so even at night should i put her in it for 30 mins. after a feeding before lying her down in her ba__sinet? Thanks for the ideas on burping and getting the gas out. I also have the mylicon gas drops, but they don't seem to do much for her. I still get the feeling that a lot of her feeding is comfort feeding because she plays with my nipples a lot, like pulling off and only wanting the nipple (and not the whole areola). She is gaining weight really well though so we know she is getting plenty of milk and I'm making a lot too.


fefer1 - July 30

If it IS reflux there probably isn't much you can do but keep her upright for 30 minutes after eating and not over feeding - unless it is extreme reflux which it doesn't sound like it is. My dd had it really bad and trust me, you KNOW it's bad when it is. She was puking everywhere all day long - and screamed her head off all the time. To me it sounds like a gas issue but I'm not a doctor.


ACG - July 30

The major key to acid reflux is pain. If she doesn't seem in pain when spitting up, she's probaby just ga__sy when she fusses. It's normal for babies to spit up a lot, as long as they're gaining the right amount of weight.



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