Squirming All Over The Place Is This Normal

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Leslie_91 - June 1

My ds (15 weeks) recently started daycare when I went back to work. Since then he fights sleep EVERY night and when I do finally get him down he squirms all over the place...sometimes for hours!! His eyes are closed and he isn't crying, just making a low grunting sound. He has now also started doing this after his feedings during the night (he used to fall asleep during the bottle and be out cold). It honestly seems like he just can't get comfortable...how any of you experienced this??


Marlene - June 1

My ds is 13 weeks and he does this sometimes. He sleeps with me so when he does this it wakes me up. He sleeps mostly on his stomach so when he seems like he cant get comfortable I lay him on his side and he is fine. Have you tried changing your son's position? Also you can ask the daycare if he sleeps a certain way there and then you can put him that way at home.


krnj - June 1

Hi my ds is 13 weeks and has been squirming in his sleep since day 1. He grunts and makes all kinds of noises. I finally bought a sleep positioner and put him on his side, he seems to be a little more comfortable. He just doesn't like to be on his back. Good luck!


Trac - June 2

When my ds squirms like that, he usually has gas. It took me quite a while to figure out. If I am holding him and he needs to burp, he will actually try to sit himself upright to burp. krnj had another point, he just might want to feel more "snug" - you could try the sleep positioner or swaddling.


Brenda - June 2

My dd does that all the time and at first it was funny because she started to do it when she figured out how to turn but now does it everytime until she falls sleep, i let her do it since she is in her crib and wont fall of. but if i notice that she is still turning after a while i just put her on her side and tap her b___t so that she knows that im there for her. it works wonders for me.


Amy_mommy - June 2

omg! my little baby squirms and grunts and makes weird noises all night long since birth!!!!!!!!! she wakes me up & to the point, i had to switch myself to a different room & not sleep in her room..... i don't know if this is normal or not.......


Dana - June 2

My dd is 18wks old and started doing this about 3 weeks ago. She will be out cold from 8:30 to 11, then eat her last bottle for the night, sleep until 5 and then from 5 - 6:30 she is grunting, rubbing her eyes, twitching her legs. It seems like she is wrestling w/herself, but she never actually wakes up. It wakes me up when she is doing this. I've tried covering her up, that doesn't work, I've tried rubbing her belly, that doesn't do anything. For the past few mornings, I have just chalked it up to dd just on her way to waking up for the day. In the meantime, I'm glad one of us is getting some sleep (and it isn't me).


mommabear - June 3

I'm reading this book right now called "Healthy Sleep Habbits, Healthy Baby" by Dr. Weisbluth. In the book he describes how lack of restful sleep and healthy naps lead to overtired babies, which leads to hyperactivity or an "over wired" state that prevents them from being easily settled into sleep. This hyper aroused state also causes then to wiggle and squirm intheir sleep as if they are constanty on the go and they just find it hard to completely settle down. I'm really not doing justice to his studies explaining it like this, but please read the book. I was wondering if maybe because your ds is now in daycare, he is not getting the restful naps at the regular times that his body is used to, and this causing him to be overitred. I read that an acc_mulation of missed naps can make a big difference in a baby. This book was recommended to me by a nurse when I phoned a help line complaining about my very cranky 3 month old. I recently had a conversation with a doctor ( I saw him because of a flu I was going through) and we started talking about that book and he said they used it for their now 18 month ld daughter and it worked wonders. Look into it if you could.



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