Squirming During Feeding

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lizzy11 - February 7

Hey! Well my DD has turned into a little wiggle worm. She's 8 and a half weeks old. She'll drink the first half of the bottle just fine. Her bottles are 6 ounces. She'll gulp the first 3 or 4 down and then turns into an absolute squirming wiggle worm for the remaining ounces. She'll turn her head all the way to the right and wiggle about and then turn it all the way to the left and squirm some more. She'll keep doing this and I'll have to chase her around with the bottle. lol. She also makes noise while doing this. I burp her 4 or more times during feeding. Wonder why she is doing this? Any one else have a wiggle worm?


Emily - February 7

She does this even after she has been burped? That is always why mine did it and it was uncomfortable for mommy casu eI b___stfed. THe other reason they would do it was because they were done eating...


ry - February 7

Hmm, my dd did this when she was about that age but that was because she had acid reflux. She only took 4 or 5 ounces at a time though at that age, at ten months she will only take about 6 ounces now. Could she be full off of 4 ounces?


lizzy11 - February 7

I don't think she'll full off of just 4 because sometimes after the 6 ounces, she'll scream for more. lol. Sometimes I don't give it to her because I think 6 is enough. Other times she is hungry only 2 hours after having eaten the 6 ounces. What's up with this? Maybe she has reflux. She use to really arch her back and throw her head back during eating. She doesn't do this any more. Suggestions?


piratesmermaid - February 7

Gretchen was like that from a month old until about 4months old. Constantly squirming squirming squirming. I remember complaining about the same thing on this forum months ago and found out that many other babies around that age were wiggle worms too.


sahmof3 - February 7

I think that probably sometimes she is hungry for 6 oz. and sometimes she gets full from less. At 8 weeks it's normal for babies to eat smaller meals, but more frequently... it won't be long until she can go longer stretches! gl


maryl14 - February 7

sounds like it may be gas or traped air or she may be full


ash2 - February 7

Sounds like gas to me. Try milicon gas drops. I fed it to DS like candy when they were little ! It could also be the type of bottle that is giving them gas. Try the avent flow bottles....works wonders !!


Steff - February 8

My DD is 5 weeks and does this too. She's b___st fed though.


mandee25 - February 9

Yes yes yes! I hate when ds does this when halfway through his bottle. He is 11 weeks old and is so darn squirmy. I really don't enjoy feeding him sometimes. I know it's not because he has had enough because he acts like he wants it and still is sucking, but gets mad and turns his head while I try to keep it in his mouth. He is taking about 6oz. at a feed too.


lin7604 - February 9

my ds is the same way, he is 15 weeks. now that he talks sooo much as well i have that problem too, while he's eating he's trying to babble away or smiling at me while he's eating. when he startes to do the head turing i just pull the bottle out, cause i fugure if he's hungry he will let me know otherwise i wait and then he finishes it later.



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