Squirming Squirming Squirming

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emilysmommy - July 13

My 5 1/2 month old dd lately has been squirming so much when I change her or pick her up to feed her. She'll twist and turn and arch her back. If I didn't have a good hold of her she'd go flying right out of my arms!!! lol I was just wondering if this is normal? Thanks in advance..:)


Kel - July 13

My dd does this and she's only 15 weeks. She used to sit and drink her bottle so well, now she squirms all over the place trying to look around the room. It's so fun trying to feed her in public when there lots of things going on - forget it. And changing her diaper, she is all over the place kicking her legs. Gues she's enjoying it - lol


cae - July 13

Yes...my LO is 5 1/2 also, and hes also squirmer. It is getting harder to change his diaper, feed him, etc. He grabbing everthing is site. They are finding out more and more everyday that they can be more in control of their environments. They are growing so quick.


sahmof3 - July 13

It's normal! My youngest just turned 1 and he's still like that. I can't keep him on his back to change him. I hold his feet up and together to try to change him and he flips himself over. He won't let me pick him up, either, like with your daughter. He wants to go, go, go!! Feeding- forget it- he just wants to watch his older siblings- hehe. Now that he's 23 lbs. I'm hoping this stage is soon over!!


AudreyS - July 13

My ds does this also he is 7 months, he also rolls over, and it takes me a good 5 min to settle him down and change him, i also get peed on sometimes, LOL!!!


YC - July 13

It only gets worse LOL!!! My dd strted squirming at about 3 months. She will be 7 months on Monday and changing diapers is a nightmare LOL! She's been crawling for a while and as soon as I get that diaper off she flips over and off she goes LOL!!! When I hold her feet to wipe her she also flips herself over. It's like a little game now. It's cute. I find that if I give her a toy to hold an play with while I change her it keeps her occupied for a minute but I have to be quick.


TinaMarie - July 13

The other moms are soooo right! It gets worse..lol. Angelina flips, arches her back, has half a diaper on and is crawling away...lol. I always try to give her a little toy or something to distract her, it is a coin flip whether it works or not. But to answer your question....it is completely normal!



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