Standing At 2 Months

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Lissi - November 22

I can't believe how quickly babies grow up! Nadya has been very strong since birth, but now when I take her hands to pull her into a sitting position, she stands up instead. My MIL told me I shouldn't let her take weight on her feet at this age, because her bones aren't strong enough, but she does it all by herself. She really seems to enjoy it too. Anyone else's babies this strong? I don't remember my nephews doing this so early, and my neice was almost a year before she did this!


kate - November 22

my baby was doing that at about 8 weeks too. she LOVED to stand. and she could pull herself into a sitting-upright position from her reclined bouncer at 3 months. guess she had some super strong muscles!!! i wouldn't worry about letting her stand - babies seem to know themselves when they're ready for things, and my ped never seemed concerned about it.


BBK ® © - November 22

Anna has been trying to stand since she was days old. Now she will constantly do it, plus she constantly tries to get up from her bouncer. I swear her abs have a six pack already. Recently she's only happy to be sitting or in that skip n' hop toy. She also tries to take steps when I hold her standing up.... lots of fun!


Lissi - November 22

Well, that's what I thought. I'm sure she wouldn't do it if it hurt her. It's so strange to see her standing though. What happened to my helpless little newborn?! It makes me broody for another. :)


Shelly - November 22

Jesse has been doing the same at around 2 months.And he keeps doing he same.Babies are just amazing!!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

Lucas has been doing that for some time. I am amazed at how strong he is, the little bruiser! I think if he could figure out how to walk he would take off now, he wants to go, go, go, just like his mommy. He babbles so much that last week I bought him a tshirt that says "I am just like my mom I never shut up" because it is so true, and everyone says it about him. I couldn't resist!


Shelly - November 22

LOL Rachael,my Dh bought me that shirt when I was still pregnant,so in return I bought one that said I was born with my mommy's good looks and my daddy's lousy att_tude!!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

That's awesome! I love it. Isn't watching how their little personalities develop so fun? And finding out what things the baby inherits from who. My son is so much like me in so many ways, personality and looks wise. He does not like to eat as soon as he gets up in the morning like my dh, and he has a dimple in his right cheek that only my mil and sis inlaw have. It's so fun!


FF - November 22

How fun! Where did you find shirts like those? My guy has been standing and sitting up since about two months- he's four months now and he's not happy just cuddling anymore! It makes me proud and sad at the same time!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

I actually got mine at what is called a Christmas Connection at our expo center in Cleveland Ohio area. There are over 900 booths of gifts and christmas decorations and stuff. It comes once a year. I know you can get them other places, just not sure where.


FF - November 22

Hmm... maybe I'll try the mall.. I was just thinking that would be a cute stocking stuffer for Daddy this year!


Me - November 22

Some of you ladies write like its a competion between babies. Mine is doing this, mine is doing that. Don't stand your two month old up like that. Why do you think they discourage baby walkers even at an older age because they are not physically ready. Your baby may be strong but they are certainly not ready to have all their weight put on their legs at such a young age.


Shelly to Me - November 22

If you read-actually read- the postings you would realize that we are not competing but comparing.That is a big difference.All babies are different,so sometimes it's nice to know you are not the only one with something!!!!


WTF? - November 22

"Me"? or should I call you "You"? Yes, you're right dear, but then you're always right aren't you dear. You seem to know a lot and what's best, don't you dear?! Cup of tea dear?


Get a grip, "Me" - November 22

This has nothing to do with compet_tion. Moms are just sharing their own stories about how their kids shocked them a bit early. If it was really a problem, my pediatrician would have said something, which he didn't - he walked in on to checkup to see my baby standing on her daddy's lap at 8 weeks. he commented on how strong she was, that was it. And it's not putting ALL the weight on their legs - we DO hold on to them, thus bearing some of their weight ourselves. Lastly, baby walkers are actually discouraged because 1. they are dangerous and 2. because they don't teach the child to stand or walk CORRECTLY. it has nothing to do with not being ready - they're usually pulling themselves up on furniture by then anyway.


Lissi - November 22

Lol, at WTF! That made me chuckle. :) Me - It's not a compet_tion. I'll love my baby, whatever her abilities. It's just that it's my first baby, and I'm amazed at all the changes in her, and it's interesting to compare notes with other moms (and dads!).


Lissi to Me - November 22

Plus, I don't stand my baby up. She does it herself. It's fun for her.



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