Standing Up In Crib

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BusyBee - February 26

My 10 month old ds can now stand up in his crib. When nap time comes, I leave the room and he sometimes starts to cry. When I peak in there, he is standing and shaking the bars of the crib. It's kind of funny to see. But it's also kind of scary because eventually he collapses and goes to sleep and I'm afraid he'll fall and hit his head on the side of the crib. Should I be that concerned? BTW, I do not have bumpers in the crib.


Emily - February 26

I also have that problem with my dd who is 8 mos. I noticed this one night last week after she got upt o eat. she was asleep when I put her down and then she started crying. I let her cry for a while, but she was really crying, so I went in to see her and there she was. I am not sure what to tell you exept that you not having bumpers is a good thing. They say that the time to take them out is when they start standing up in the crib casue they can use them to climb out. I say just kinda keep an eye on him when he does this so if he does bonk his head, you can check on him. I wouldn't think he could hit it hard enough in his crib ot cause any injury. Just make sure that his matress is down low enough so he cant topple out.....


Mellissa - February 26

Diesel is doing the same thing. it terrifies me because he's "balance-challenged" to put it nicely. lol he'll stand up, then lose his balance and fall over. He's hit his head quite a few times, but never enough to cause bumps or bruises. I agree with Emily... just make sure his mattress is on the lowest setting so he can't climb out. My dd started climbing out of her crib between 10 and 12 months!


julieB - February 27

my son was doing that when he was 8 months or so.. I have the crib right up to my bed.. last month or so I forgot to put the rail up and I had a rude awakening when my son stood up and forced himself and the air out of his body over the rail and onto my head... I did not think that was funny but he did.. OUCH....... I have never forgotten again.. thanks to him... The cute thing was at night I would watch the silohuette of my son standing and wanting out.. He did hit his lip 2 times on the crib.. having a fit though..



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