Standing Up In Crib A Vent

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BusyBee - March 5

Ok, within the last couple of weeks, my 11 month old has figured out how to stand up in his crib. I am glad that he has perfected the mileston of pulling to stand. HOWEVER, naptime and bedtime is an absolute nightmare now! He used to be asleep withing 10 minutes of me laying him in his crib. Now, he wants to stand up and fool around and sometimes starts crying and shaking the crib bars. AHHHHHH! I don't know what to do! By the time I actually get him settled down and sleeping it's pretty much too late for a nap. I miss the days when I would put him on his back to sleep, he would just stay in that position and fall asleep!


ssmith - March 5

What about putting him down earlier? He could have some time to stand up and goof around in there, then eventually have his nap.....?


kellens mom - March 5

Busybee - I COMPLETELY relate! Aghhhh! is an understatement. Bring on the solutions ladies. We need some help. My darn little rat is giving me fits.


luckysunshine - March 5

I can relate. My 7 1/5 month old learned to pull himself up in his crib about 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, bedtime became a nightmare. I would put him in his crib, stand there and sing to him and he would NOT fall asleep (and would scream) while I was in the room. I finally decided to try to leave the room for a little bit and let him cry a little (which I swore I would never do). It took him a few nights of crying for about 10 minutes, but now he falls asleep with a couple of minutes from when I leave the room. As for nap time ... I haven't allowed myself to put him in the crib to let him cry. So for now, he falls asleep for his naps on my shoulder. Then, I slowly lower him into his crib and pat him until he's sleeping. I'm not sure if this was any help, but this is what works for me at this time. Good luck!


Emily - March 5

I can relate. My 8 mo old starting doing this a couple of weeks ago. I don't have a big deal with naps as I do not put her down for a nap, my mom usually does. However when I am home on weekends I cheat and nurse her to sleep. I do that at night too. However as soon as she is put donw, she is awake. One night I let her fuss for a while. The dor was open just a crack so I watched as she stood there. She wasn't really crying but she wasn't happy. I left her there for a couple of minutes while I went to the bathroom. When I got back, she was asleep. She was donw on her tummy with her head pointed to the corner she was standing in….Most nights it is not that easy...but I find that if I do this she will go to sleep. If she screams I go in and calm her down and then I try again. Usually she gets it and will jsut lay there and fuss for a while....


kellens mom - March 6

Okay ladies...I still need more encouragement! When will this end????


kellens mom - March 6

Still waiting!


Smilefull - March 6

uhm, how about laying down with him in your bed--reading a book---just settling him first then when he's not yet asleep but really "on dim" you put him in his crib?? That way it's not "PARTY TIME!!" it's sleepy time?--Just an idea! You probably already have tried everything!


kellens mom - March 6

Thanks for taking time for my dilema, smilefull. We go through our routine to the point were she terribly sleepy and then she starts your arms or in her bed. If I lay down with her, she immediately rolls over and starts crawling around on the bed crying. We have tried going to be earlier...we have tried letting her stay up (thinking "she must not be tired"). Last night I got her to go to bed okay (exhaustion) and then two hours later she was half asleep and fussy to the point that she would not be still even while I held her. It's like she is fighting sleep and just feels the need to go-go-go. Unfortunatly, poor mom is out of gas and forces her back to bed. Bad mommy! Is this a phase? Please tell me it is short lived.


BusyBee - March 6

So glad I'm not the only one dealing with this. The last couple of nights have been a bit better. He is usually REALLY tired at bedtime. When he tries to sit or stand, I gently push him back down into a lying position. He actually seemed to understand that it was time to go to sleep. Nap times are still a nightmare, however. I have rocked him to sleep in my arms a few times. I was sooooo against this up until now, but I guess it's a means to an end. He is not going to unlearn how to stand up in his crib, so I guess I just have to deal with this.


kellens mom - March 6

Busybee, does he scream when you push him back down? I can handle the crying better if I don't see that pathetic face screaming at me...crocadile tears running down that face. :( I keep thinking that there might be a teething issue, but no new teeth can be seen under the gumline. This has gone on for a week.


BusyBee - March 6

Kellens Mom, no, he actually didn't scream last night when I gently pushed him back down into the sleeping position. I hope it helped him to understand the correlation between feeling tired, lying down, and falling asleep. Tonight, he fell asleep in my arms after nursing. If only it was always that easy. How was your night with putting dd to bed?


hello - March 7

They soon get tired of it after a little while, its new so he will do it for a few weeks then it will get old just like all the new things they learn..... I agree with ssmith, put him down a bit earlier as u know he will muck around so it doesnt work out too badly then....i would leave my little girl and eventually she would sit down, then lay down and go to sleep.... You gotta think they are gonna sit down sooner or later and lay down etc......i wish u luck and just know it will wear off soon enough............


kellens mom - March 7

Last night actually went well. We had company show up and so there was no way dd was going to miss out on the people watching and gawking baby holders. She was pretty exhausted when she went to bed. I sure wish the floor in our old house did not sweek so much. She always stir when I move out of her room. Drat! She was up at 3 am playing...more like partying. We left her until she let out the "I am starving" scream. But surprisingly, she went back to bed without the wiggley fight. I am going to try your suggestion to lay her back down. I also think I will try the chair recommendation that someone mentioned. We do the crying thing...but sometimes enough is enough. If it only lasted 5 minutes, I would be okay with it but 45 minutes is too upsetting. Good luck tonight. I will be thinking of you.


Kelly K - March 7

We went through this a few months back. What I finally end up doing is actually physically standing there and keeping my hand on her (not really holding her down, but it looked like that) until she fell asleep. If that didn't work then I'd leave the room, let her cry for a bit and then go back in and lay her down again. After about a week of this we can now ask her if she's ready for bed and she'll walk back to her room if she is and we put her in bed. Otherwise we let her stay up a little longer and try again.


BusyBee - March 7

I certainly hope this is just a phase. This is my first child and I have visions of not being able to get him to lay down for the next 2 or 3 years! At this moment, he is standing and crying in his crib, he is absolutely exhausted and needs a nap - I am hoping he will collapse at any moment now.


Jelena - March 16

I have same problem with my 8 month old son. It all started when he was 6,5 months old and situation have not improved at all. It takes me 1-1,5 hour to put him to nap. I tryed everything form rocking him in my arms to rocking him in rocking chair:It did not work. So far, the fastest way is bouncing mattres with one hand and holding his rear (so he cannot get up) with another.I also tryed leaving the room,but he would cry those gigant tears and I would go in and comfort him. I am also intrested when this is going to stop? Any other ideas? Did anybody try giving a bottle?This sometimes work for us , but only at second nap. All the best.



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