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Jen - February 15

When did everyone get their period back after delivering their baby? I am 10 weeks post partum and have not started yet. I quit BF a little over 3 weeks ago nad have not started yet...just wondering. Oh- I had a va___al birth- not sure if that matters.


Amanda - February 15

I am wondering the same thing. My little guy is 8 weeks and I am still waiting. Not that I am complaining I would just kinda like to know when to expect it. I bled after having him for about 3 weeks and nothing since. My doctor told me at 5 weeks that it would be in the next couple weeks but nothing so far. I do not b___stfeed either.


sugar+spice - February 15

hey girls! i had my baby on oct.26 and got my first period on dec.7th, and just recently got my second on feb.9th. it varies for everyone.


jess - February 15

hi gals....mine took about 3 months....delivered on oct 11, first period on jan 9......almost exactly 1 year after my lmp....funny eh?


Maria - February 15

I had my daughter 4 months ago, and I still haven't gotten mine. I am also b___stfeeding.


Tia - February 16

Me too Maria. My daughter was 4 months on the 13th and I still haven't gotten my period yet. I didn't even think much of it till my mom said I should mention it to the doctor. Anyone know when you usually get it? Or does it vary for everyone?


Barb - February 16

it varies for everyone...and especially if you're b___stfeeding. I delivered in Oct. and got mine on Christmans day. After you have a baby, it could take a whole year for your body to get back on track. I was just reading about it in this book called "Taking charge of your fertility".


KrisD - February 16

Hi Jen - Mine came exactly 6 weeks after I stopped b-feeding. But it does vary for everyone... My Dr said I should get it 4-6 weeks after I stopped nursing.


pbj - February 16

I got mine about a month & half after I delivered, I quit bf when dd was 3 weeks. It's different for everyone. Besides, it may also depend on how long you bled afterward.



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