Started Feeling Sad Now

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New mom - November 15

Well i have a strange problem which is really making me sad now..since my baby was born my close friend is getting complements of being my son's mom..i do not know why whenever we go out together ppls stops ask to look at my son and give complements on how handsome,adorable cute he is, but they look at my friend not me as his mom when i tell them that i'm his mom they get shocked coz i'm so skinny, they say they don't believe i'm his mom coz i'm so skinny and young, i have been tolerating this since my son was only 2 weeks, now whenever we are out i don't even let my friend to hold him so that ppls don't think her as his mom, i'm really getting jealous on her getting complements on my son,,i'm really sad i feel kinda hatered towards her now..i'm sick so i never gain weight...should i keep my son completely away from her??? i know i'm being mean but i really miss that being a mother feeling..


Lesley - November 15

When I had my 1st son people would speak to my mum rather than me. From doctors to strangers in the street. It used to get me down a lot, but I don't think I felt as strongly about it as you seem to. Have you spoke to your friend about how you feel? It isn't her fault that people think what they do so you really shouldnt take it out on her.


Mommy - November 15

No don't do that. It is not really her fault that people think he's her child. Also, it's not your fault you are so skinny. I would say to get a few #1 mom shirts to wear when you are out with your friend and your son. Or you can be the one to push the stroller or better yet, do you have a Snugli? If you do you can carry him in front of you facing you. I hope this helps really. I have been mistaken for my son's sister because I look so young. Not a very good feeling. :o)


ally - November 15

i agree with mommy, dont keep ur son away from her, it helps to help ppl help u out, please dont worry and take mommys suggestions, again its not the girls fault and dont take it so hard okay, eat as that will make u feel better also


New mom - November 15

Well in the beginning she used to push the stroller but now i don't let her any more but still ppls point her thinking i'm her younger sister...i can't carry my son with a snugli coz i feel dizzy suddenly i fear fainting coz it happens with me all the times..i know it's not her fault but i feel so hurt coz i really have a adorable baby boy and i want ppls to look at me and say that and not her, i don't know how to explain this it's hard but i really want to feel a mother not a sister, i'm getting sensitive..i felt so jealous when we were in the mall and she was holding my son and three ladies were talking to her thinking she is his mom and giving her advices..i love her but i'm really sad...


Try - November 15

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Lissi - November 15

Maybe those people think they're giving you a complement, by telling you how young and slim you are, despite having just had a baby. My problem is the opposite to yours. I look old and fat. When I'm out with other people, I make sure I'm pushing the stroller, because I want people to know that I'm fat for a reason, and not usually like this. Try not to be jealous of your friend. It's not her fault. Just remember that you're the one he loves the most and needs the most, and nobody can take that away from you. I agree with Mommy, that you should get some "Mom" T-shirts, if you really want people to know who you are.


Kathryn - November 15

I had the same thing happen when I first had my son. I've always looked a lot younger than I really am. When I would go out with my parents, people would always ask them questions about MY son. My Mom would always turn to me and let me answer. She wouldn't say a word. Now that my son is older it doesn't happen as much. If it is really bothering you, talk to your friend about it. I'm sure she will understand.



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