Starting Cereal Questions

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lin7604 - January 31

my dr said to start my ds on cereal, i'm just confused on what is the right way to do so. Do i give it to him with a bottle to sip in between spoonfuls? do i give it to him in replace of a bottle at that time? do i just give it at any time of day as an extra 'meal time" ? I'm obviously a ftm and seem dumb for asking but i know there might be others in the same boat. I guess i would start him on 1 TBS with a little formula mixed into it, right?


maren - January 31

OK well my advice dont use cereal in place as a bottle there are still nutrients that he needs to get from the bottle. I would start out with about 1 TBS of cereal to at LEAST 1 TBS of Formula make it so its pretty runny give the cereal and if it looks like he is having a hard time swallowing it (like its just sitting in his mouth) give him a sip of a bottle after your done feeding him the cereal give him his bottle


drea - January 31

I just had my 4 mos appt and started my dd on rice cereal as well. I was told by my ped that I should give her cereal 2 times per day, once in the AM and once in the PM. He said take 1 tbs of cereal and mix it with formula from your normal bottle that you would normally give until it soupy. Give them as much as they will take of what you made of the cereal and then give the rest of the bottle. I dont think it should be an extra meal or anything and I guess you can give the bottle to sip while they're eating, but my dd screams bloody murder when I take the bottle out of her mouth so thats not an option yet for me. Besides, she absolutely hates eating with a spoon and spits the cereal out so I keep the bottle nearby. Hope this makes sense.


Kara H. - January 31

Nutritionally speaking babies don't need solids until 1 yr old. But they do need to learn how to eat from a spoon, and experts have determined that the risk for food allergies is actually the smallest when foods are introduced between 6-12 months so that is the ideal window for introduction. I always give cereal a half and hour before bottle time so by the time he is done with his cereal and cleaned up, its time for his usual bottle. That way he's not missing out on any nutrients from the formula.



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