Starting Daycare

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Susan - January 14

I am thinking about going back to work, but so concerned how my son will do at daycare. I just think of him crying all the time and no one paying attention to him. He is 7 1/2 months now and I was thinking of starting him at about 9 months. My biggest concern is that he really only naps well in the car or stroller. My house has been in the process of being renovated since he was born, so I am always on the go. He will nap at home, but he cries for a long time and will only sleep 40 minutes compared to 1 1/2 hours by starting in the car. How have some other moms babies adjusted to daycare. My child is also high maintenence, so I am afraid he will be too much for them to handle!


Heidi - January 14

Most daycare moms are ready for this and can handle it. I just started taking Emma (13 wks old) to daycare this week and I was going on and on about how she won't nap if you lay her down and she only naps in her swing or bouncy seat during the day and I worried about her all day but she was just fine. They get them in a routine and I'm sure he will be just fine. It's amazing how they'll adapt to things somewhere else vs being at home! I figured she'd be callling me at work and every day I pick her up she says what a good baby she is for her. I like my daycare cus she only has like 5 kids there who are all over 18 months so Emma's the only real baby there so she gets the attention she needs.


lisa - January 14

i was thinking that my daughter would only sleep in car seat or pushchair but now im getting her into routine play same music at sleep tine i put her down for 3-4 sleeps in the day now and she goes easy with a bit of rocking before i put her down shes in such a better mood now and not fretfull in eve, my daughter goes to nursery in april for 2-3 days a week and i was worried the same but ive worked in a good nursery and people who work there love kids and wont neglect your son,


C - January 14

I had my sister watch my son from 6 weeks till 6 months. I was the same way. I thought she'd yell at me that he was crying the whole time and made her hold him. I remember being so worried. I asked her how many times she used the gas drops and she's like none, he was fine. It really helped get us in a routine and my life was so much easier. At six months my sister had a baby so my friend from highschool watches him. The first day she asked me, does your sister hold him a lot or what? I was stressed again but by day 2 or 3 he got used to her routine. The only downfall to having him at my friend's is that he had never been sick. Once he was around other kids he was sick right away. I guess it's good for their immune systems anyway. I say give it a try and if it doesn't work out you can always quit your job and go back to your current situation.


Meredith - January 17

I was worried when my first started daycare, but I agree, these providers are used to getting fussy babies. And the babies adapt to the routine. At 2 and a half my daughter still took a regular nap everyday at her babysitters house. I gave up on naps a LOOOOONG time ago with her. Your child will actually develop a whole different ident_ty there. He or she will behave differently when you are not around. Another example is when the little tantrums first started coming out. The first time her babysitter saw it with me, she was shocked because she had never seen that before.



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