Starting Rice Cereal

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Deirdra - January 13

how much do you give your LO when you start? and whats the conisstancy? and do suggest mixing it with formula or water...thanks...


lexa - January 13

Mix it with formula! The directions are on the box. Are you spoon feeding or bottle feeding it?


Nita_ - January 13

I started off with 1 teaspoonful of cereal with 3-4 teaspoons of pumped milk(if your baby is on formula you can use that instead). The consistency should be thin like watery oatmeal. You can increase the rice cereal and thicken it as she gets used to it and can actually use her tongue more efficiently.


Deirdra - January 13

Im spoon...i just want to make sure im doing it right...


Deb - January 13

Definitely mix it with formula - even if it says you only need to add water. It makes it more creamy. My dd wouldn't really take it when I mixed it with water. Start very should pour off the spoon and then gradually thicken it when she gets used to it. How old is your lo? I tried to feed mine cereal at 5 months but she just wasn't ready. It wasn't until she was almost six months that she actually would eat it.


boolie79 - January 13

i was wondering about this...dd is 4.5 months old... she doesnt seem to be fully satisfied just nursing anymore and watches us intenesly when we are eating.. i was thinkin about trying her on cereal tonight.. not to mention that she is teething so shes crankier than usual.. what do u ladies think.. should i try it or wait?


Kara H. - January 13

Deirdra - Isn't your baby only 8wks old? Check with your ped before you start giving cereal. They usually recommend waiting 4-6 months before starting it. We started at 4 months and it really upset Max's belly and he cried all night. I tried a different kind, but had the same results. I called the ped and she said his system wasn't ready yet. We waited another month and had better results.


Deirdra - January 14

my son is 13 weeks and my pedi is the one who told me to start it b/c he has two teeth just under the gums you can see the tops. and b/c my ds can sit up on his own and roll over my pedi suggested it...and he is taking it just fine, he loves it...around 6 at night i give him half a tlable spoon and 6 oz formula nd he has just about been sleeping throught the night he waske up once for like a "comfort feed". and then goes back down till me and DH wake up. we had gas prblomes with him, but nothing not a gas cry at all. i was surprised myself but he LOVES it! im so happy, im finally sleeping last night he gave me 8 hour sstaright and slept a total of 13....oh im so excited...



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