Starting Solid Foods

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KSM - February 5

I am starting some solid foods for my 4 month old and am kinda confused. i have started her with some rice cereal mixed with br___tmilk. i am just wondering how long i should do cereal by itself or do i add other fruits/veggies with it? do i still br___tfeed and then give food or do one or the other instead? If anyone has some advice about first time foods i'd appreciate it. Thanks!


docbytch - February 6

the general recommendation is to introduce one new food per week. this way if your baby has any sort of reaction to it you can pin down the causative agent. if you are introducing solids for the first time (we are right behind boy is just about 4mos of age too) I would actually give the cereal a few weeks alone with no additions just to see if the baby tolerates it at al. some babies end up having to wait until they are 6 mos of age before solids can be tolerated. good luck


cubbie - February 6

I stayed on cereal until about 5 months, then I started with orange veg (sweet potato, carrot, squash) on the first day I give just one teaspoon, then introduce a new food every 3-4 days. After the orange veg I started with pears and apples.


KSM - February 6

so how long do you stick with the cereal? do you stop it when you start the veggies, or give them together?


kimberly - February 6

You don't need to stop the cereal when you start to introduce the veggies. I always started with about a tbls. of cereal for about a month and then I slowly add solids in the evening too. My dd is 5.5 months and she has cereal and a half a jar of 1st food fruits in the morning ( I mix it together because she hates the cereal plain) and in the evening she has a jar of the 1st food veggies. I figure at about 6.5 month I will add cereal in the evenings with her veggie. I wait until about 7 or 8 months before I give any dinners or desert jarred baby food. They have sugar and meat in them so I hold off on those for a while.



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