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?? - January 6

ok, i'm going to start my baby on rice ceral today but i have a question about it. my baby is 5 months old and eats about 5 1/2 oz of formula every feeding. do i feed her the rice cereal and continue to give her the formula at the same feeding? i'm so confused and sorry if this question sounds stupid, but i don't know whether to subst_tue the rice feeding w/the formula feeding or if i do both. please h__llppppppp!!!!


momma - January 6

try starting with about half the formula then the cereal that way she wont be starving then star with the cereal maybe about half the spoonfull for the first few bites, she might still want the rest of the formula at first good luck


EM - January 6

Babies don't understand at first that what they eat off a spoon is going to take care of their hunger so don't give her the cereal when she would be REALLY hungry. Try about 30-40 minutes before she would normally eat. I had to let my son take drinks from the bottle in between bites of cereal until he understood that it was food and would fill him up. Probably won't eat much at first and will still want the same amt of bottle because that is what she is used to. My son is 7 months now and I started about the time you are on solids and he is starting to prefer real food over a bottle.


Eryn - January 6

I read that you should subtract an 1/2-1 0z of formula/BM from the bottle and start with a tablespoon of cereal mixed with formula/BM. It also said you can add a little bit of juice to the cereal but I think thats a matter of opinon. Good luck


Narcissus - January 6

I always fed my son milk an hour or two after his cereal. Their tummies are the size of their fist so they fill up quickly. Definitely feed him the regular amt of formula that he is used to and use cereal as a supplement, and not as a replacement for meals. The rice cereal is less nutritous than the formula. Good luck. It's so much fun to start solids!! I like to mash part of a ripe, fresh banana in my son's cereal. He gobbles it up!!


Narcissus - January 6

nutritious, sorry...



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