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ryanslilmama - July 8

My son is 6 months old. Per the reccommendations of our pediatrian he started rice cereal at 4 months, juice at 5 months and vegetables at 6 months. We go see him in a few weeks, but I was wondering when you guys introduced finger foods? We have plenty of cheerios and gerber infant "melting" puffs (can't remember what they are really called) on hand. Ryan seems ready to feed himself- grabs off our plates, loves to suck on fruits (my in-laws give him everything- grrrr) and vegetables. I'm just confused about cheerios and when to introduce them- from what I have read if he can sit unassisted (which he can) and can pincher grasp (does that too) then they are ready for cheerios. Any suggestions?


nic nac - July 8

I would like to know too!! All finger foods that you buy for babies that say "finger foods" on them suggest waiting until baby is 10 months. My dd is grabing and trying to feed herself so I think she is ready for finger foods to but since boxes say 10 months i am confused.


ConnorsMommy - July 10

yeah, my ds is 6 months. i give him the gerber foods that dissolve.. they're great!... as long as he's already using a pincher grasp, moves his jaw in a chewing motion, and can transfer things from one hand to the other, he's ready!... most of the labels say 10 months because some babies dont learn how to do those things until that age.. so they'd rather be "safe than sorry"... my son's pediatrician told me that at his last appointment. i'm still kind of wary to give my son cheerios.. only because i'm afraid he'll just try to swallow it before breaking it down... but i DEFINATELY reccommend the dissolving or melting foods :)


charliepaulchloe - July 10

hi all, my dh is almost 7yrs old now (im now 25wks pg again) I started her around about that time with the likes of toast and banana something she could suck on or would turn to mushshe loved her toast soldiers of a morning without the crust of course. Try different things just keep ur eye on him, i used to sit her in her highchair with a few bits on the tray, lots of mess at first but its fun watching them lol. good luck xx



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