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austynsmommy - July 7

My son is almost 7 months old and has been on solids since 5 months. Is it normal to not take in as much formula? He was drinking 6 ounces now he will only drink 4 ounces. I am feeding him baby food 3 times a day as doctors orders because she has said that he needs to gain more weight. I'm so worried he's not getting enough formula.


Kiersten - July 9

Are you giving him his bottle first? Give him formula first and then give solids right after. If you wait an hour or more for the solids then it's just like snacking for him so he may not be real hungry for the next feeding time and won't take in enough milk. Keep in mind too that pediatricians have a system that they stick to and sometimes they forget that every child grows at different rates. My son's pedi wasn't happy with his weight for a little while, but now he's caught up with himself. My husband is real thin and my son tends to take after him, so for him to become long and lean was "normal". He ate plenty; just had a quick metabolism. Good luck!


Kimmer23 - July 10

Hey - I think I said this before, but based upon what you told us about Andrew's weight gain on a different thread, I think your pedi is being ridiculous. Andrew is growing great and is gaining good weight. I'm not a doctor, so don't trust me, but I would consider getting a second donctor's opinion. Brayden is still in the 5% percentile for weight, and my pedi isn't concerned at all - he's healthy, eats when he is hungry, and that's all I care about. He definitely has the long and lean look going on. That said, I agree that you should give him the bottle first and then offer the solids if he is still hungry. Formula should be his main source of nutrition. How many ounces is he getting now? Good luck, and I hope all is going well!


austynsmommy - July 10

Andrew gets 6 ounces at a timee but when I feed him he normally only drinks 4 ounces. I have tried to up his amout to 8 because sometimes he acts hungry after he finishes his bottle but when I do that he spits half of his bottle up. He is never fussy or anything so I think he should be getting enough. Thanks ladies.



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