Starting Solids Question

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melissa g. - June 11

I've noticed that a lot of folks are feeding solids around 4-5 months -- my dd will be 4 months this week and has her 4 month check up next wk -- will the ped have me start solids?? I was just wondering b/c I thought babies were supposed to start solids at 6 months but it seems like everyone I know started their babies on solids earlier -- have the feeding suggestions changed recently, I was just wondering! It looks to me like she still sticks her tongue forward but she is drooling less (doesnt that mean they are swallowing?), so I was just curious when I will be starting solids with her!


J - June 11

The recomendations have changed to about 6 months. You should probably do your own research and not just do what the ped says because a lot of drs are just following the old guidelines. It won't necessarily hurt your baby to start early but you do increase the chances of digestive or allergy problems. Why risk it? The tongue thrust reflex probably means you should wait at least a while longer, she's not physically ready to eat solids, nor is it necessary for her to (unless there is a particular medical reason for her to start).


Rabbits07 - June 11

Here is a link to the recommendations of the AAP:;100/6/1035 *remove any dashes that appear* My son's pedi has already told me that I can start him on cereals at 4 months, but I'm not sure that I will.


JAI - June 11

Usually your ped will tell you when to start and I think they also base it on the weight of your baby and how they have been progressing.


Kel - June 11

My ped said I could do cereal about 3-4 months and baby food anytime after 4 months. My dd will be 3 months in a couple of weeks and as long as she is still doing well with just formula, I don't plan to start her. She's still only eating about 4-5 ounces at a time, so once she starts to ate like she is starving all the time, I think I'll start.


Madys mommy - June 11

I feel i am in the same boat as you. My daughter will be 5months old in a week and she is exclusively b___stfed. I see other women who have had their babies a couple weeks after and before me and they are giving their kids cookies, rice ceral and baby food from the jars. I tried to give her some rice ceral and she spits it out as soon as it hits her mouth. I keep thinking maybe she doesn't like it or she's not ready. I've heard that their tongues are not used to the reflex thing and it may take a little practice. What i have told myself is that she will be ready one day and she won't be on the b___st her whole life. If you think of it this way, the more time you wait to feed solids, the less work and mess you have to clean up. Anyway, once or twice a day in the beginning is a good place to start pablum. If you also consistantly use the highchair your child will easily recognize when it's time to eat. Just remember trial and error and that they won't be going to kindergarten with a bottle.



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