Starting Solids To Soon

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P - June 9

We just had our three month check up today and my doctor (he's a GP not a ped.) told me to start my daughter on baby food!! Isn't this too soon? Right after our appointment I read something from the Canadian Pediatric Association that said they recommend br___tfeeding exclusively for six months! What's the deal? My mother said my doctor is old-school and not to do it. Any ideas?


LIZ - June 9

I believe they start babies on solids at 4 mos. First I think you start on a little bit of the baby rice cereal and things like that. My baby is 2 mos and hasn't reached that point yet but I had asked about that and they told me about 4 mos. basically when they can hold their head up by themselves and not choke. You can always get a second opinion from another doc and see what someone else tells you.


P - June 9

He told me to start her on rice cereal when she was 5 weeks. I tried it but she didn't seem to like it too much and I didn't see any change in her sleeping habits(which is why he told me to start it) so I stopped after about a week. It just seems like he's wanting her to start some things too soon. He says she is doing really well so I don't understyand why he wants her to start solids so early. If she was underweight or something I could see but she's not.


Liz - June 10

Yeah, I'm not sure why he would suggest the rice cereal at 5 weeks. I think most doc's like mom's to wait even if they want to start them on something to help them sleep better (in some cases-I guess). Can she hold her head up well incase you do decide to feed her solids? If she can't you may want to wait until then at least but like I said before, why don't you see another doctor next time and see what someone else tells you. Let me know how it goes. :)


Kerry - June 10

I agree with Liz but all babies are differnt but they have to be able to hold their head up and as for helping them sleep thats not true unless they want to eat again like 1/2 an nour after then they arn't getting enough and that's if they are eating a good 8 oz but get a second opinion babies usually are not ready for solids at that age their tummys are very small and there digestive tract is not mature enough.


Dez - June 13

you dont want to start filling your baby up on solid foods too early it can cause overweight babies. what i have learned from experience (my daughter is six months) i started her on rice cereal and formula around four months because i was anxious i didnt give it to her everynight just here and there because the biggest thing about solids early is just to teach them different textures and forms of eating not to fill them up with it because they need more then anything the nutrients in the milk. so from 4-5 months i gave her cereal here and there to get her learning and starting at 5 months i started introducing her to stage 1 baby foods at least once a day, and now at six months i give her some cereal in the morning and some veggies or fruits for lunch or dinner, i have also started giving her tastes of mashed potatoes or beans or anything smashed up that she dont have to chew (because no teeth yet,lol).


P - June 13

Thanks everyone. I was mostly worried about her developing food allergies which I've read can happen if you start them on solids too soon. Don't want her to be overweight either though. She's nice and chubby right now.



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