Stationary Entertainers

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Britt - February 11

I went online to order my son an entertainer like an Exersaucer but there are SOOOO many to pick from! Does anyone have one that they absolutely love??


true - February 11

there are soo many out there I cant think of what mine is called it has toys on it and the toys are removeable so there is a try and dd can play with other toys too


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 11

There are alot. We have one that I got from a friend that is a Graco one. I think anything you get your baby will love! I have also heard wonders about the jumperoo.


Britt - February 11

I went ahead and ordered him the Evenflo Excersaucer Mega. It has a circus theme and hopefully it wont be too overwhelming for him. I've heard good things about the Jumperoos but we dont have door frames to hang one on. :(


Amy - February 12

Why do new parents go silly? I have bought things that aren't new from thrift shops and such and they are well loved by baby. Not everything of course but some pre loved things in excellent condition. You do not have to spend a fortune to entertain baby britt.


Britt - February 12

We dont have any thrift shops where I am so its either buy it new or not at all and I dont think its silly to buy my son something to keep him occupied and entertained.


Hey britt - February 12

The Jumperoo doesn't require door frames. It's sort of like the exersaucers but with springs and it's height adjustable. They come with a removeable noisy toy that you can set to make noise continuously or only when the baby jumps. We have one because we also don't have a convenient door frame to attach tradational jumpers to.


Corissa - February 12

We too have been looking at what kind of exersaucer to get our 4 month old. We took her to Babies R Us last night and let her try out a few of them. We put her in the Baby Einstein one and she LOVED it. It makes animal noises and teaches a bit of spanish. She was so happy she laughed for the FIRST time!!! We are going back tonight to buy it for her. It can handle more weight than any of the other ones so it will last longer and after dh inspected it for 10 minutes he came to the conclusion that it is very well put together.


Amy - February 12

I didn't mean its silly to buy things to entertain baby. I just know alot of first time parents go to extreme like corissa seems to have and bought a top of the range exersaucer that also teaches spanish. That is a waste in my opinion. That is my only point. It doesn't have to be the best of the best for your baby to have fun with it. I have bought my baby brand new expensive things and funnily enough it was the non expensive things that he gained the most pleasure from.


April - February 12

Amy - I totally get what you are saying. Of course everyone likes their kids to be happy and have fun. I borrowed an exersaucer and boy am I glad I did. He was in it from 4-6 months because once he started crawling he didn't want to have anything to do with it. All the toys he has and he would rather play with my spatula!


Heidi - February 13

I was fussy with this too and I went on line to Walmart, Target and Kmart and found that Kmart had the cutest one for the $$$. It was $59.95 and it was an Evenflo and it's yellow with all sorts of cute jungle animals on them and a cute animal print seat. Emma LOVES it.


lauries - February 13

I have an Evenflo. Not the newest. It is from my sister in law. My son is 2 and believe it or not I stick him in it when I bathe because I have no where else to put him if I do not take a bath while he is still asleep. He can get out of it but its only like once or twice a month that I put him in it and I take a super quick bath!!!


Jamie - February 13

Amy, why does it seem as though you look down on the parents who do choose to spend their money on shiny new baubles for their babies? It's the parents' decision how to spend money they earned. I have an Evenflo exersaucer, a Jumperoo, a swing, and the First Years mobile walker. I also have a play area with tons of toys for Renity to play with. She spends about 20 minutes at each before I rotate her to the next "station". She never gets bored, and gets a great variety of stimulation.


Kris10 - February 13

I'm glad you said that Jamie, I was upset to see everyone ignoring Amy's comment. I totally agree with you. If you have the extra money, and your baby likes the walker with the extra bling, than it's completely okay to buy it! Especially if it makes your baby laugh! That is such a precious sound, I'm glad corissa can buy the one her baby likes.


Heidi - February 13

I'm not much better. The minute I saw what a Jumperoo was, I was out buying it even though she was still too little for it. My sis in law bought her a 6 year old exercauser at a rummage sale and for some reason everything seemed to far away from her to reach and the seat really sagged and she didn't seem to care for it so I ran out and found the coolest one at Kmart and put her in it and she went nuts! She just loves it. I got most of my stuff at my shower so I didn't spend anything when Emma was born. So I splurged on these two big items and at Xmas...which she's still too little to play with! But Amy does have a good point. Lots of times babies entertained by the simplest things. I got her bouncy seat at a rummage sale and it's an older one but she loves it. I don't buy a lot of used play equipment because of recalls and safety issues I may not know about. Otherwise I'm a second hand junkie. Especially on clothes and little toys etc.


Corissa - February 13

You know what, the fact that you would say teaching your child a second language is a waste is ashame. My daughter is half Mexican and we would like her to have a strong hold on where she comes from. In the future if she decides she wants nothing to do with Spanish, then fine, but I want her to have choices. And if I can afford to spoil my child every now and then I will. We did not get this one because it is the top of the line, we got it because when we put her in it she had more fun in it then any of the other ones. I am not against second hand things, most of our stuff for her is hand-me-downs from her cousins! And it doesn't matter if she was my first or 20th child, I still would have got the one SHE enjoyed.


kris A. - February 13

dh and I spent all weekend visiting 5 different stores to look for just the right playgym for Wren - she's only 10 weeks, but loves the seat that has the toys strung across that she can bat at with her hands... couldn't find one like the one at her daycare, but got a playgym that she lies underneath and can kick and bat at the hanging toys... I brought that home and boy - she just kicks kicks kicks and grunts and talks to that toy, and when I talk to her about it she just smiles and smiles - that's why we buy these things... it made me feel really good, and after about 20 min. she is wiped out, starts rubbing her eyes, and she's out. Then I can lift the playgym up and off and she can sleep soundly... very cool toy for the littlest ones - it's at kmart called the farmyard something, and not that expensive ...



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