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Rachel - March 9

I desperately want to stay at home with my child when its born in September. How much money over basic bills should we factor for food, etc...? Thanks


Maureen - March 11

That depends on your lifestyle I guess. I think you would have to try it and see how it goes. I'm working at home right now when baby sleeps.


Proudest momma alive! - March 14

Well you need to see how much you are making first and work around your income! First off babies are costly! I buy diapers at least once every week or two, I am in Canada so diapers cost me 22.00 each week or two, I make my own baby wipes because of all the things that are in baby wipes now a days but you may be looking at 20 dollars on wipes each month, then their is baby food, if you are formula feeding(you really should b___st feed, cheaper, more convenient and over all the best for your baby) Formula can cost you up to 60 dollars a month depends on your child eating habits. You have to factor in rent, healthy and balanced nutrition, I spend on average $700.00 on just food for myself and my husband and a small amount that my daughter eats that I blend or squish up for her. My mortgage alone is 1220.00 a month. But if you rent you don't have to think about such things as plumbing and when things break. If you own a vehicle, I pay 300 on car payments, plus at least 100.00 on gas each month, and my insurance is 250. electricity costs me on average 112.00, sewer and water cost 65.00, heating costs almost 150, cable tv cost me 119.00 on average. So you are looking at ALOT! You really need to write down all that you are going to be paying for and see what you can afford. You can look for low income housing, shopping at the food bank thats for low income families, the salvation army for clothing, and their is plenty of help out their for people who need an extra bit of help! And don't think that you are worse then anyone because you need that help! My friend is 4 years older then me and is in low income housing, shops and the salvy, and the food bank and she is a perfectly good mother! She lives in low income housing, and can't afford cable tv, but she does just fine! All things come within time, and the only reason I have all that I have now is because I had wondered out on my own at 15 and pushed myself so hard and never let things get me down! I now have a home business, and great things! You just need to plan around what you have and get what you need and good things happen! It only gets worse before it gets better! At one time, I was almost homeless at 16 because the place I had worked at went out of business and my husband and I both lost out on 2 weeks pay, vacation pay and what we paid into our jobs, it ended up to be a little under four thousand that we lost! We had to run out and grab low paying jobs and work our tails off to be able to live! And at 18 i got pregnant but by then we were already on our way to purchasing our house, we only had one car, and my home business wasn't something that I worked on a lot. All you need to do is plan out everything and figure out what to do next!


To proudest momma alive - March 15

Just wondering what your home business is.


D - March 15

To Proudest momma alive! - I second the request on what your home business is.... and.... how do you make your own baby wipes?


Rachel - March 29

If you b___stfeed you can save anywhere from $1,000 - $3,000 a year! And... b___st is best!


Rochelle - March 30

As a work-at-home mom, I am always looking for new income producing efforts. I came across a job posting for a marketing executive with The M.O.M. Team. Going to their website, I was quickly impressed with their compa__sion for home-bound moms and for their plan to sell environmentally safe products via the internet (Melaleuca - Sounded like an e-tailer situation to me so I requested more information. Two days later I received a call from "Donna" telling me more about the company, the products and inviting me to participate in a conference call the following evening. Something Amway-ish rang out of the call, but there was absolutely no mention of a down-line or recruiting. I certainly never found anything of the sort on their website. But after the call, I decided to do more digging and due diligence into The M.O.M. Team. 1. They are an MLM. To be successful you must build a down-line. It took some time, but I found evidence of this. 2. The members spam in a fashion that they call drip. 3. Ads for The M.O.M. Team are smathered across every message board on the internet, fishing for victims. 4. The commission structure is deceptively described. I have included a copy of a posting from from an ex-M.O.M. team member. She sums it up nicely. "I'm going to go way out on a limb here because I really need to clear up lots of confusion about MT. I'm an ex-MT. I'm going to state the facts, clear and simple. MT (sic - The M.O.M. Team) has over 3,000 members now, all of which are being taught to post 10 to 15 ads per day on the internet, preferably on message boards. They are given a list of message boards and free cla__sified ad sites. So, in effect, they are being 'taught' to spam. After my experience with them, I came out feeling as though I'd left a cult. These gals worship the founder, and will abide by anything she tells them to do. They have so many rules that it makes it virtually impossible to effectively run an internet marketing campaign without being deceptive. You cannot mention the name of the company. You cannot e-mail information to people (I used to break that one). You cannot take no for an answer. "No just means now's not the right time." You are to create a drip file for people who say no and send follow up letters. The latest rule is that if you create your own website, you are no longer allowed to mention MT on it, or link to your MT website from it. So there goes any hope of creating any sort of individual ident_ty. Your goal on MT is to enroll anyone you can get your hands on. It's a numbers game. They beg people to join. Any warm body will do. Some of them prey on people who are down on their luck. Some of them have unkind things to say about people who cannot afford to pay the $29 enrollment fee. They are misinformed, and because of this, they misinform others. For instance, what they tell you is that you will earn 7% on your customers' monthly product purchases. Wrong!! What you will earn is 7% on your customers' base points purchased. Big difference!! Mel (sic - Melaleuca) has a minimum monthly base point requirement of 35, which translates to about $55-60 depending on what you buy (they'll tell you $43). You get paid 7% of the 35 base points, or $2.45, NOT 7% of the $55 or 60. They will also tell you that once you enroll 8 people and reach Director, your commission goes up to 14%. What they DON'T tell you is that your monthly base point requirement goes up too!! Way up to 75 base points!! That's more than double. They tell you that when you reach senior director you get a $400 car allowance. What they don't tell you is that you have to actually buy a brand new car, and as long as you remain a senior director, Mel will give you $400 a month toward your car payment. And then there are the phone bills. My phone bill was at least $100 a month. For an internet business? All in all, I sunk at least 1k in MT. My biggest check was $23.00. I paid for offline advertising because of all of the message board spam and bad reputation they'd established on the internet, and I still couldn't get anyone to join because people would figure out that it was a pyramid. And, although I didn't want to admit it to myself at the time, I guess in a sense it is. After all, the founder(s) of the MT made out like a bandit, and everyone at the bottom is left with nowhere to go. At least not on the internet!" Be wary of The M.O.M. Team. As a "Teamer" your hard work makes no money.


MELISSA - March 30



MELISSA - March 30



PP - April 1

To Skyes: You are the psycho one. The MOM team is nothing but a scam that will not make you a dime. I met with people from that company it is exactly as Rochelle describes it and the products are not very good. There are plenty of non toxic cleaners on the regular market and just to let you know those of us that clean with stuff other than what you sell are not bad mothers. You are bad person and I hope someday someone throws you off your high mom team horse and down to reality. Oh yeah that will happen when you file bankruptcy. You need to realize no one cares about your stupid scam.


PP - April 2

Also to Skyes: The only prpoducts I ever see solicited on this site are yours.I am sorry that you view all things as poison. I hope soon you grow a brain. But until then solicit away everyone knows its a scam. Have a nice life.


Rachel - April 4

Can you do this somewhere else? I keep getting excited that I am getting actual responses to my post, when it's just bickering over this company. Thanks.


To Rachel - April 4

Maureen aswered your question best. It really does depend on your lifestyle, where you live, and the standard of living you are used to.


Frozen - May 21

I am so sick of hearing "Breastfeeding is best". Hospitals and society shove b___stfeeding down our throats. I am sick of hearing about it! Sometimes having a child hang off you all day long isn't the best thing for your sanity. I want women to know it is okay to bottle feed your baby. Your baby can survive on bottle feeding.


Go frozen!!! - May 23

Thank you frozen! I agree 100%. My baby is bottle fed and is as healthy as a horse. Breast feeders are like a cult that look down upon moms who choose bottle. It's sickening.


Rachel - May 23

Sure, its ok to bottlefeed and your baby will be ok and "survive." However, it is FACT that b___stfeeding is best. While your baby can survive on bottlefeeding, b___stfeeding is healthier. Its like the difference between home cooking and prepackaged food. Of course you can eat both and survive, but home made is best. Sorry, but its true.


Frozen - May 23

Rachel, I am bascially stating an opinion about b___stfeeding and bottle feeding. Don't take everything what everyone says so personal. It seems your burning desire to be right all the time is consuming this message board.



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