Stay At Home Mothers How Does Your Days Go

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Amandanbaby - February 9

I saw the other thread but it seemed like mostly everyone works. So to the stay at home moms~How does your day with the lo go? My son will be 10 months old in 9 days. He gets up between 8-9 in the morning, he has his breakfast then gets cleaned up and changed and plays for a little while. At 11:30 he gets a bath then a nap. He gets up around 1:30, has lunch then gets in his walker for some exercise. He watches cartoons ALOT, the Backyardigans and the Wonder Pets (I think bc of the music in them). We play some more and around 5 he goes down for another nap and sleeps til 8. He gets up ready for dinner and FINALLY gets to see daddy (dh leaves for work at 4am and gets home around 8pm) then goes back to bed around 10. I'm actually a little concerned about the amount of cartoons he is watching but I can't seem to keep his attention like the t.v. If I turn it off, he cries and doesn't want anything to do with me! Any suggestions from mothers already having this problem?


mosley12 - February 9

my ds is 3 1/2 months now. usually he's up at about 7, so he eats, gets a rubdown with the wash cloth, than gets dressed and plays. at about 10 he'll go down for about 30 minutes while i shower and get dressed. than he's up again, plays a bit, eats, than watches a baby einstein tape while i clean up a little bit, than we get ready and either go for a walk or run errands, he falls asleep doing both, than we come home and he eats again, plays in his jumperoo for a bit, sleeps again, 30 minutes, than DH comes home around 5:30 or so and takes over while i cook, than about 7:30 we feed him his dinner, about 3 ounces of cereal, from a spoon, than he gets a bath, than about 3-4 ounces of formula, than he's down. recently however, i was put on light bed rest, so we havent been doing as much or running as much. a small part of me wishes ds liked tv more..i might be able to get more things done!


aurorabunny - February 9

Brody is 7 months old and he gets me up anywhere from 7 AM-9 AM depending on what kind of night he had in his crib. As soon as he gets up, I feed him cereal and then a bottle and give him his medecine. I let him watch BabyTV for a little bit and then try (key-word there TRY) to put him down for his morning nap, sometimes he just lays in the pack and play for a while and plays with his toys. At noonish he has another bottle, then we play and work on sitting up and tummy time for a few hours, then around 2ish he has more cereal and fruits and veggies. Then he goes down for the real nap that he usually actually takes, LOL. As soon as he wakes up he gets another bottle, and then we have more playtime and he logs in a little bit of cartoon time while I tidy up the house before my hubby gets home from work. He has more cereal around 5:30 PM, a bath, and then his last bottle for the day. Usually goes to bed around 8 PM to being the nightly crib fight, haha. It's getting a lot better though! Sorry that was long and redundant sounding but it's our day. And just to add amandanbaby, Brody loves the Wonder Pets and I HATE that d__n little chick with the lisp, he drives me crazy. ROFLMAO!


Amandanbaby - February 9

That little chick is my sisters favorite! This is sewious! I have to laugh at them...


Amandanbaby - February 9



AshleyB - February 9

My ds is 9wk old, he gets us up around 7 and has a bottle then has a bit of cuddle or smiley time. Usually he naps on and off all day just little cat naps. Dh takes him for a while and I take a shower and clean up then dh goes to work at 2:30. Then its just ds and I the rest of the day. We usually do our running around 3:30-4 if I go out at all. Ds usually sleeps the whole time if I do. He gets a bottle every 3 hrs. We do a bath areoun 10-10:30 and then bottle and he's usually asleep by 11. Then he sleeps till 3 and then 5, 6 and is usually up for the day at 7-8am. The night wakings are killing me.


lin7604 - February 9

my ds is 3 1/2 months too, he wakes up anywhere between 7-8am, change his bum, get his bottle ready and then bring him to my room to watch the today show while i feed him.then he talks and plays until 1.5 hrs comes by ( anywhere from 8:30-9:30 depending on what time he woke up). then i put him down for a nap, he sleeps 45 min, and back t the same routine all day repeated. It is too cold here at home to even want to go out, so i can't wait till it warm up and we can go for daily walks. but until then it's the same routine all day until his last nap anywhere from 5-6pm and then 2 hrs from that i will give him his bath, read a short story and give him his bedtime bottle and then it's bed by 9 for sure. he currently wakes once a night but sometimes wakes twice a night.


Nita_ - February 9

Amandanbaby--i thought the same thing when I saw the other post! Everyone here works and everybody's baby is on formula or is older! :) My dd is 7 months old and she usually gets up around 8-8:30. Around 9-9:30, she has her cereal and then plays a bit and I try to eat my breakfast. These days though, I've been getting up at 7am and can't sleep, so I get up and make our breakfast and have it while my dh watches our dd. After cereal, she plays a little bit. We talk with my parents on the phone a little bit and then it'stime for her morning nap. She usually sleeps an hr or little less. When she wakes up, I b___stfeed her and then more play. And feed her veggies/fruits. Then it's time for bath. I ma__sage her and then give her a bath. And if it's close to 2 hrs since her last feed, I feed her again. Else, I put her in the exersaucer or high chair and quickly gobble down my lunch as she starts to scream the minute I start to enjoy my lunch! Then if I haven't fed her before, I b___stfeed her, else, I try to get her to nap. Usually if she's tired, she falls asleep in 2 mts in my arms as I rock her, but otherwise its time for more play time! After her nap, shes up for either fruits/veggies (depending on what I give her in the mrng, I give her the other in the afternoon). Then it's more play time -I take her downstairs which is carpeted and let her play on her activity gym mat/practice her crawling. Although, lately, she's been practicing her standing up holding me or the couch!! Then if it's 2 hrs again, b___stfeed time! And more play. She sometimes naps between 5:30-6:00 and sometimes doesnt. Then I give her cereal around 6:30-7pm and look at the clock liek 1000 times waiting for my dh will come home! he's been working really late these days and its not until 7:30-8 that he comes home. As soon as he's home,he takes dd and I cook up some dinner for us. I feed her once more and then we sit down for dinner. If she's asleep by 8:30-9pm, we have a leisurely dinner, else, we rush thru it! Then one more feed and we rock her to sleep. She starts off in the crib and when she wakes up in the middle of night, I get her back into our bed and I feed her. She feeds maybe 2-3 times during the night and we start all over again! I just realized I hadn't written about my shower! LOL! well, it really depends on what I have on my plate when she's napping...breakfast, dishes, shower, lunch, I somehow manage to jump in and out of the shower!


Nita_ - February 9

wow! my post is LONNGGG I guess I got carried away ! LOL


Aimes - February 9

Nita--she's 7 months old and still feeds two to three times a night!! OMG, how do you do that?


Nita_ - February 9

She's half asleep when she drinks and so am i! That's the reason I get her to our bed when she wakes up. This is nothing compared to my horrible nights when she was few weeks old and had a terrible time latching on so my feed sessions used to be 30mts to an hr!! She feeds only for 5 mts so it's not bad at all!


babyboy46 - February 9

Amandababy- do you take your lo out daily? My ds is 10 months old, we have made many friends in the area (through mom groups) so we have a 'playdate" with other moms a few times a week. We also take gymboree and music cla__s. I know the cla__ses can be expensive, but playdates are free. Try your local library/Barnes and Noble for storytime, there are always other moms around looking for friends. One of my good friends now I met recently in Pathmark!!! Even if i have no plans for the day I will take ds to Barnes and Noble, the children's section is great.


aurorabunny - February 9

This is sewious...LOL I'll admit, it is kind of a funny show.


Amandanbaby - February 9

We go out when we have errands to run but right now it's just too cold! We went to the local Discovery Museum a couple weeks ago but I think my dh had more fun than the baby! I never thought about the Barnes and Nobles idea either. I reall am not comfortable making friends with the people in this neighborhood because 1) I live in a rough area of Rockford and 2) I hope to be moving soon and 3) I'm a pretty shy person!


luviduvi - February 9

I love the wonder pets more than my kids! I get upset when I miss an episode. Everytime they play the one with the puppy who has to "pee-pee" I die. Ming Ming the chick is my favey. "dare's an animal in twouble"


Amandanbaby - February 10



Rhiannon - February 10

I only skimmed the answers, but for your cartoon worry, you could try turning on an only music channel for kids. Then he has the background noise and maybe a wonderful blue screen to look at. He will gradually get used to less tv.



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