Sterilizing Bottles Amp Water

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JAI - May 4

My son is just over 6 months old, and I have been sterilizing his bottles since birth as well as the water for the formula. Today when I took him for his 6 month doctors appointment I asked when it would be okay to stop sterilizing...the doctor told me that I was able to stop when he was 6 weeks old. I was shocked. Just curious when other people stopped sterilizing.


Emy - May 4

Gosh, my doctor told me at her 3 week appt. that I could water from the faucet, as well as only sterliize once in a while - he told me to wash with soapy hot water. DD is 3 months old as has not been sick once. Perfectly healthy so far.


JAI - May 4 you use the dishwasher to wash your bottles and nipples?


SonyaM - May 4

We wash with hot soapy water and only sterlize when the bottles are new and then about once a month or when baby has been sick. We have never boiled the water but we do use bottled water instead of tap.


krnj - May 4

I boiled water when I first used the bottles. Now I either wash them in hot water or stick them in the dishwasher. I just clean the nipples with regular dish soap and hot water. So far so good, my ds is 2 months and hasn't been sick yet.


Aussie Beck - May 4

Oh Goodness! I always wash and sterilise the bottles and nipples in microwave steriliser for every use! I also boil the kettle for the water! I have always been told to sterilise until 12 months of age, then bottles can be put in dishwasher! It even says on formula tin that sterilised bottles and water should always be used!


C - May 4

I always use either boiled or purified bottled water. I wash the bottles and nipples in the dishwasher first and then I hand wash them in hot soapy water. My son is just over a year old.


kimberley - May 5

You should sertilize bottles and teats for the first 12 months, this includes any plastic utensils you use for baby, and plastic bowls etc etc. Boiled water should always be used up unitl 12 months too. Bottled water should be avoided because of the added sodium in it (here in australia anyway) Babies immune systems are not fully functional until they are 2 years old....


austinsmom - May 5

I always understood to boil water for 1 year of age and I am gonna stick to that cause who really knows what is in city tap water?????I might take the chance with myself but not my baby......I have a dishwasher that has a sanitize option ( I purchased this one for that very reason) and therefore I use this as it cleans and sanitizes for me and makes the job so much easier.......gosh I am amazed like you jai that your doctor said it was ok not to!!


rl - May 5

i heard that you should only sterilize the bottles when they are new just wash in hot soapy water due to the fact the baby does need to build imunities to things I always buy bottled water though for his formula..he is almost 4 months old and doing great...


JAI - May 5

Ri...that is exactly what the doctor said. Alot of friends I have been asking that already have children told me that is true, and you need to stop sterilizing the bottles and water. So as of yesterday I stopped and I am using bottled water.


HannahBaby - May 5

I always used bottled water as i live down hill from a farm!! and always washed bottles in dishwasher because it was easier.


kimberley - May 5

Here in Australia, we are taught IN hospital to sterilise bottles until 12 months and use boiled water until 12 months, everyone is made to watch a video of it, plus if you read the formula can it tells you th exact same thing. Scary to know doctors are giving out such advice.


HannahBaby - May 5

I worked on a maternity floor (in NY state) and they, nor any doctor ever told a patient to sterilize bottles. They say to use bottled water if necessary.


C - May 5

I actually use the special water called nursery water which I'm pretty sure does not add sodium.


Angela in California - May 11

if you wash the bottles in the dishwasher you do not need to sterilize. but it's always a good idea to boil the water that you will be using to mix the formula. You just never know what bacteria could be in the tap (or bottled) water. :)



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